break it down for me

I’m counting down until Thanksgiving.

22 days! Hip Hip Hooray!

I’ve already started planning our Turkey Day menu – We have decided that we aren’t driving all over Central Florida this year to eat 5 different Thanksgiving dinners. – fine, I’m exaggerating with 5, but it really would be at least 2, maybe 3.

This year we invited Sherry and her husband Billy over to spend Thanksgiving (and the weekend) with us. Thankfully they accepted, so the plans are in motion.


Running junk:

I went for my first run since the half last Sunday. My legs are still sore – quite frankly I’m baffled at the amount of soreness I’m experiencing. More on that in a second.

I hit the sidewalk for a 4 mile run today – I had no plans in regards to whether or not it would be an easy run, or a hard run. I just wanted to see how I felt.

I felt:


4 miles, 33:06, 8:16avg.
1st mile 8:55
2nd: 8:04
3rd: 8:11
4th: 7:51

Riddle me this:
are my legs so sore? Yes, I ran 13.1 mile on Sunday, I get that I should have some soreness, but I feel like I’m a lot more sore than I should be. I also ran 13 miles 3-4 weeks ago (I forget) and I had very little soreness after that run.

Sunday’s half time was 2:22, the 13 miler a few weeks ago was 1:52.. a 30 minute difference. In my head, I would think that I would be more sore after the faster run, but this is not true.

3 things I’m wondering about. Feel free to tell me I’m dumb, and give me the correct answer.

1. running at a slower pace some how was more difficult on my legs

2. running 6 miles into a headwind is the culprit for the soreness

3. no ice bath until several hours (like 4) later when my normal ice bath usually takes place about 90 minutes after my run

I really don’t know what the reasoning is – I kind of hope its just that I didn’t get into the ice bath quick enough.

I hate to keep harping on the fact that my legs are so sore, but it’s just really bizarre. I mean, they haven’t been this sore in…. forever.

I foam rolled for a few minutes – that sucked. I also stretched really well. I hope that tomorrow I wake up with less soreness and more happiness. okay that was stupid. but I really hope my legs are less sore tomorrow.

Maybe I should take a muscle relaxer & call it a night.


4 thoughts on “break it down for me

  1. Hey Jena, congrats on a super month of October running! With those strong miles as a foundation, you should be ready to have a super duper November through April Florida running and racing season. Oh, and Jackie was talking big today at our Thursday run so come prepared on Saturday for one of your best 12 milers yet!

  2. Sounds like fun thanksgiving plans! I kind of wish I could do the same & just chill with a friend. As for your sore legs, I think running at a way different pace can change your form a bit and work different muscles. Plus – how often do you go for a 2 hour + run? Just that much time on your feet can be draining. Hope you feel back to normal soon.

  3. Turkey day is a happy day 🙂

    Ive been thinking about what to cook for it to spice things up a bit..

    I say running in the headwind causes the soreness along with the combination of the delayed ice.. I ran 4 yesterday in headwind and feel super sore today. ive felt way less sore after runs double that length without wind

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