want to run w/ me?

Today or Yesterday, depending upon when you read this, marks another day of rest. My left quad was still pretty sore today. I feel like I’m being overly cautious about this sore quad thing. Maybe I’m just using it as an excuse to not run – but it really is very sore. It’s really bizarre that my left quad is so sore, and my right one has no pain what-so-ever.

I wonder how often they update google maps? Last time I looked up our house it was just block walls – today when I looked it up the whole house was there with the garage doors open. not cool. I e-mailed google & asked them to blur out the garage doors. You can see some of the things inside our garage.

They blurred out a compressor that was in the back of my Dad’s truck, along with his license plate & Chris’ license plate. They also blurred out the for sale sign in our neighbors yard. That’s nice of them… I guess – but maybe the neighbor could have sold their house if they would have left the number un-blurred.

I used google maps to take a trip down the route that I run on regularly. pretty boring. I’ll show you just how boring it is:

(I print screened all these images from google maps)


exit my street & take a left, here is what I see. That big blue building is a dry storage marina for boats.


pretty boring, right?


boat ramp- that channel leads out to the Gulf – It’s about a 30 min boat ride
stinky shrimp docks are all on the right side. This road floods when it sprinkles. It’s also the main road in & out of our neighborhood. no side walks, no street lights, and flooded streets. good times


That pretty much sums up the view of my entire run every time I run. boats, boats, some palm trees, more boats, stinky shrimp boat guys, boats, and more boats. for real. There are 2 hi & dri marina’s, and 3-4 other boat yards full of abandoned boats. good times.

at least it’s a flat route.

Google maps is pretty fun.


Chris & I got into a car accident at that intersection. We were going the way that we are looking at the picture. There was a car sitting at the stop sign on the left. They thought we had a stop sign – we didn’t. They smashed into the side of us. not fun.

I think that’s enough fun on google for one night. Please tell me I’m not the only person who looks at random things on google maps.


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