boring is good, right?

yes please.


Have you read Ali’s post from Tuesday? If not – you should. Good stuff.  — I never want to feel like blogging is a job. I never want to feel like I have to post.


Life has been pretty boring lately, but that’s a good thing, right?

I’m really super amazing at tapering. So good in fact, that my first run of the week didn’t even happen until Wednesday – definitely not what I was planning, but what can I say? I like to take advantage of taper week.

Monday was a planned rest day after Sunday’s 10 mile run. I did nothing but clean the kitchen, and lay on the couch and watch Netflix. Chris didn’t get off work until midnight.

I had to take my car to Toyota on Tuesday and I spent 2.5 hours sitting in their lobby waiting for them to replace 2 of my tires and do an alignment. Honestly, why does that take so long?

Hallelujah for the Netflix iPhone app! I’m currently watching season 2 of the show Flashpoint – I brought headphones to the Toyota dealership so that I could watch Netflix without bothering anyone else that was in the lobby.

By time I finally made it home it was time to make dinner, which by the way, ended up being pancakes & eggs (yum!). Running was the last thing I wanted to do, plus, it’s taper week, so it’s okay to skip a run..right?

I finally decided that I could/should run on Wednesday. An easy 3 miles. Unfortunately it was still kind of hot when I headed out to un at 5:30. I ran with just a stop watch. I like to run Garmin free during taper weeks. It helps me to just relax and not focus on pace.  3 miles, 27:00, 9:00avg .  I struggled a little – my calves felt tight, and my IT band on my right leg was screaming. wah.

When I got home I made sure to stretch really good, and foam roll that cranky IT band.

I need to get that IT band under control before it controls me.

On Tuesday, in a fit of frustration I called bright house and cancelled our cable & home phone. It doesn’t actually turn off until I turn in the cable box – so I’m soaking up as much trash TV as possible in the next few days. I’m turning the box in on Saturday – after that I’ll be relying on HULU & Netflix to keep me entertained.

Have anything exciting to share?



4 thoughts on “boring is good, right?

  1. Power to you for canceling cable. I remember when you and Chris practiced not having cable by playing Yahtzee!! Justin needs to watch his sports.. so I know that would never go over here. I think might pose the question to him just so I can see his response..

    Hope your IT band is okay! Keep rolling and stretching!

  2. Taper week; yay! We don’t have cable either, and it’s definitely a money-saver. I had no idea you could stream Netflix on your iphone though. I’ll have to check this out!

  3. Nothing exciting from me except apparently starting drama in the blogosphere.. Woops!

    I dont have cable.. Just Netflix.. I love it. If I had cable Id probably waste a lot of time watching tv.. I dont do HULU (except for a rare occasion) because of all the stuff on netflix that Ive never seen.

    Stretch stretch stretch!! And ice!! (Almost) All of my problems have gone away with stretching more and icing. Just be careful not to overdo the stretching.

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