Post run yucks

If you are a runner, or cyclist, or whatever, then I probably don’t have to explain to you what the post-run yucks are. Even if you don’t know, I’m not explaining it.


Chris & I got up early this morning so that I could get a 10 mile run in. I asked him to ride his bike while I ran to keep me company, and also so I can run outside of our very small, and very boring neighborhood. I’m not totally comfortable going to the local trail by myself. It’s kind of rural, not to many people on it, so I felt better having Chris a long.

This 10 miles was supposed to be at an easy & relaxed pace. I told myself (and Chris) that I wanted to stay between 9:15 – 9:30.



Close, right?

I clearly struggled to keep it at a relaxed pace. 9:02/avg is more relaxed than a normal long run, but not quite what I was aiming for. It just felt so nice outside, and I was feeling good. Chris kept telling me, “I think you are speeding up again.”

This route is a little hillier than my normal route. Not hilly compared to routes my friends outside of Florida run on, but hilly for me just the same.


Nothing serious, but check out the elevation on my normal Saturday route.


Flat is beautiful.

After my run we came home, I ate scrambled eggs, drank coffee & watched netflix all while I was taking an ice bath – it was glorious! 

Once we were fed, showered, and dressed we headed back out to the shooting range. Chris just bought a new gun and he’s been dying to shoot it. We met Chris’ brother at the gun range and spent a few hours shooting…and this is where the post run yucks hit me. super convenient. yah. I’ve spent the last several hours wanting to curl up in a ball.

I can pretty much pinpoint why I got the post run yucks. dehydration. I drank a lot less on this run than I normally run – I also drank zero ounces of water after my run. Can we say stupid.

super stupid.

Don’t worry. I’m paying for it. I won’t make this mistake again.


I am running the Halloween Halfathon this coming Sunday, with Jenny & Sherry so my schedule this week is going to be an easy week with low mide-week miles. I’m not running to PR, but I still want to have nice and fresh legs.

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 3 miles easy w/o garmin
Wednesday – 4 miles easy w/o garmin
Thursday – rest
Friday – 3 miles easy w/o garmin
Saturday – rest/beach with Sherry
Sunday – race day (13.1)

total: 23.1 miles    

I am really looking forward to some relaxed miles this week, and a great half-marathon next weekend!

incase you were wondering about the random pictures of scenery – they are from my brief trip to North Carolina.


7 thoughts on “Post run yucks

  1. I am incredibly jealous of your “hilly” run. I would take those elevations on any day of the week. I think I need to move to Florida for running purposes! haha.

    I totally understand you with having difficulty in keeping it nice and easy pace. I think it is just the true competitor in us. That.. or the fact that I tell myself in my head that one slow run will kill my pace. Which obviously isn’t true.. but I like to tell myself lies?

    Enjoy your easy week 🙂

    • Ha, i know my run was less than hilly, but it really was a change from my regular long run route, and even my week day route which only has an elevation change of 2ft. I’m spoiled. I’d die if I had to run anywhere besides the coast. Even in Central Florida it’s hillier than I like.

  2. Post run yucks suck…been there, suffered that. Although I’m a bit of a slow learner! Regardless, the run itself sounds quite successful, or at least fast! Sometimes it really helps to have someone along with you!

  3. Glad you can pinpoint the problem and hopefully drink enough next time to avoid problems. 😉 Your 1/2 us coming up so quick. Best of luck!! It sounds like you’re in great shape for it.

  4. I run small hills compared to most, but some of my hills are killer.. Cant imagine running an actual “hill”.

    Good luck at the halfathon!! (Love the scenery pic BTW)

  5. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better. After long runs I like to go buy myself Powerade or similar because it tastes better than water so I am more encouraged to actually drink it. Sometimes plain water is just too boring for me to drink enough of after a long run.

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