ew shut up

Holy crap, I’m tired.

I hate to keep talking about the fact that our ride yesterday seemed like an eternity, but dang, it was long. We pulled into my Grandma’s driveway around 10pm, and we pulled into our drive way at home around 12.

I’m so tired I’m getting on my own nerves. The Dr. is getting on my nerves, and that doesn’t happen. He’s always so nice, but today, I’m just over it. I even almost just started crying on the phone w/ another Dr. office because she said I was being rude. I totally wasn’t. Like really, I wasn’t. I don’t even have a clue why she thought that, except she kept asking me to repeat myself, and I guess she thought I copped an attitude after telling her my name, twice. but I didn’t. swear. i’m just effing tired dude.

I think it’s safe to say I won’t be running today. I’d probably fall asleep putting my shoes on.



4 thoughts on “ew shut up

  1. Do you know I decided to drive to Texas for Christmas this year so I can bring Lucky? Yeah, reading this post about a 12 hour drive depresses me already. WTH was I thinking? Get some sleep girl. And we need to GTG asap.

    • The car ride probably wouldn’t have been as bad if I hadn’t flown up the day before. At least when you go TX you’ll be there a while to split up the travels. I know my plane ride was only 1hr 20 minutes, but I was in NC a short amount of time before I was traveling again. not fun.

  2. This —> I’m so tired I’m getting on my own nerves <— Cracked me up. Hope you are all caught up on rest now! I hate long drives but I *hate* being tired even more. I tell myself sometimes that when Im the absolute most tired I will go run because it perks me right up. Something about getting all that blood flowing. Today is not one of those days. I did my normal 2 miles this morning and have just layed about otherwise. 40* weather kicked my butt! Now im finally catching up on blogs since Ive had yours open for a few days now

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