wheee endorphins


After last week’s long run, I’ve been anticipating today’s long run. Then, I had really great runs this week, and it really made me excited for today’s 13 miler.

I woke up at 5:15, had some toast with butter {I know, butter..gasp. how unhealthy} with a cup of water. I wanted to have coffee, but I didn’t have enough time to drink coffee and make sure… ahem..you know.. so I skipped the coffee. I was out the door by 5:55 to meet with the group @ 6:30.

I’m really loving running with the group. The camaraderie is great, and the support is out of this world. I’m positive that running with people that keep a faster pace than me is helping me to also run at a quicker pace.

Today we started out around 6:50 for our 13 miles. I ran the first 7 with David & Michele. The last 6 we ran with Becky, Rachel, their brother, & Becky’s sweet little girl rode her bike the entire time!! I think it’s so cute/cool/awesome/neatomosquito when kids come out and bike/rollerblade with their parents. It’s great to see active kids!

The weather was pretty fantastic this morning! It was in the low 60’s when we started out, with great cloud cover! The sun never peaked it’s hot little head out at us!


I felt great! David asked me if I thought I would be able to maintain the pace we were keeping for 13 miles… I said, “We’ll see.”  I was confident that I could, but you just never know with running. Things can go south in the amount of time it takes you to say, “I gotta poop.”

We stopped for water at 2, 4 (where I took a hammer gel) and 2 or 3 other stops.. I took another gel somewhere on the way back. I’ve only tried gels one other time, and it was horrible. However, the apple-cinnamon hammer gel was pretty tasty. It didn’t mess with my stomach and it went down smoothly.  — I also have banana to try; I’ll probably try that out on my 10 miler next weekend.

I iced bathed when I got home – I remembered that I have netflix on my phone, so I watched part of the tv show Flashpoint while I got my freeze on.

I’m off to finish packing for my quick trip up to North Carolina.

Before you go, or before I go.. whatever.

Go to Jenny’s page & wish her luck! She is running her 2nd marathon in New York!

and then

Go to Cait’s page, and tell her how bad ass she is! She ran her 2nd half (in 2 weeks) and she killed it. I won’t rain on her parade & tell you her time, but home girl killed it. again! I can’t wait to read her recap!


8 thoughts on “wheee endorphins

  1. Congrats on your great run! 🙂
    I am going to have to seriously consider finding a running group out here in Denver. My running mojo just died off and I’m seriously struggling – more mentally than anything else!

  2. Thank you kind friend! 🙂 Recap post is up!

    I must say that you are have been such an inspiration. I have been following your through your injury and frustration with not being able to run. I think you have done such a wonderful job listening to you body.. and look what yo are doing now!! That 13 mile pace is AWESOME! You have done everything you needed to do to be ready for your races.. and you will do fabulously in both.

    • Thanks Cait! I’m looking forward to the Women’s Half @ the end of November – that is the race I am going to try and PR at. The half at the end of October is more of a training/fun run kind of thing. I want to help my friends PR.. We are going to try to come in between 2:00-2:05, it will be fun… as long as it’s not scorching hot.

  3. I would probably die if I had to run with people who keep a faster pace than me 🙂 I think its really great about the kiddo riding along. My little boy wants to ride with me sometimes but honestly its a big hassle so I don really let him, but we do go on rides or walks together.

    You rocked that long run! Excellent splits!

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