See, I do listen

Today I had a pretty uneventful day. We didn’t see any patients, so I worked on the billing for the month of September. Not very fun, and it can be frustrating. Medical billing is ridiculous and tedious – it’s not difficult, it’s just a very detail oriented position. I was definitely ready to run by time I left the office.

I had 5 miles on my schedule and I was ready to rock them. I waited until about 6:30, so the sun would be on it’s way down, and the temperature would be cooling off a little.

I had no real goals for my run today, I just set out to run and hopefully maintain a decent pace. I felt awesome right off the bat. I focused on my form today.

When I long run on Saturday’s with David he gives me some pointers on good form. I can’t remember everything, but today I focused on keeping my head up, hips forward, and shoulders relaxed, with the occasional deep breath through my nose and a big exhale.

The big deep breath, with a big exhale really helps me to relax my shoulders and focus on form. Another thing that I have trouble with is looking down. I’m always looking down, but today I noticed a big difference when I was looking up and focused on where I was running. My whole body just felt more relaxed. Here is a article from Runner’s World about form.


I’d say this was a pretty spectacular run with each mile a teeny bit faster than the last.

I’m oddly excited about my long run this weekend. Florida is showing it’s bipolar-ness this week – the temps are supposed to start cooling off again so we should have a cool(er) Saturday morning!

I’m trying to decide whether or not I should attempt my long run in my new shoes. I wasn’t planning on it, but if I do all of my weekday runs in them, I think they will be broken in enough to do my long run. I think. I’m nervous to attempt a 13 mile run in them.

What do you think?

Long run in them?


Long run in adrenalines?



7 thoughts on “See, I do listen

  1. Woo Hoo!! That is a great run. I also breathe in through my nose, and it helps me keep more relaxed as I run.

    My vote for shoes is the new ones, but I generally don’t have trouble with breaking in shoes. Hope it goes well.

    • I breath through my mouth, but every one in a while I get a good deep breath through my nose.. Oh man, it feels so good.
      As for the shoes – the running store responded to a FB post and said that I should break in the shoes slowly, because they have a flatter sole that elongates the calves and makes them tight & sore.
      So, I’m going to stick wth my adrenalines for my long runs for now.

  2. Look at those negative splits girl! That is just awesome! Speedy!

    I can’t help you with the new shoes. I am stuck in the same siatuation, but I am still leaning towards wearing my old ones this weekend even though they are the same model.

    Since you are doing a training run thought.. maybe you should give it a shot!

  3. Nice negative splits! I say do not do your long run in them yet.. I say give them another week to get broken in and do next weeks long run in them.. I only say this from bad experience lol. I wore mine for a long run too soon and paid the price!

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