Tropical Storm Ninja

Oh hai, I’m just foam rollin’ my aches away
— This picture was take Saturday after my 11 turned 12 mile long run.

Saturday morning I woke up an hour later than I intended – that sucks. I didn’t get to have coffee, or eat before I had to run out the door to meet up with the Striders for my 6:45 start time. I couldn’t risk being late, I had 11 miles on the docket, and running solo is not my idea of a good time.

I headed out at 6:46 with David, Jackie, Tanya, Christina, Melanie, Kyle, and probably some other folks. The first 4 miles were decent, I felt okay, and my pace was hovering between the 8:30 – 8:40 mark (except the first mile which was in the 9’s). We stopped at the 2.something mile mark for water. I always stop my Garmin when we stop for water, and this time I forgot to restart my watch.

what an idiot.


First 2 miles before we stopped at the first water stop… I realized at the 4 mi water stop that my watch wasn’t actually recording the run.

The last 8 miles were awesome. I’m not sure what our splits were for miles 4-7 (I am working on getting them from someone who is responsible enough to restart their Garmin after a water break).hmph.

I felt really strong the last 8 miles. I couldn’t believe the pace that I was keeping!! I wasn’t struggling to breath, and my legs felt pretty decent. – I KT taped my knee on Friday night; my knee hasn’t been hurting, but I was planning on running hard on Saturday so I thought it would be wise to tape it to prevent any pain. it worked.

It’s Sunday night and I have had no knee pain what-so-ever. My hips are a little sore, but I’m pretty sure that is a combination of a 12mi run + 3hr car ride + high heels until 1:30 am.

Here are the last 5 miles of our run.


My original plan was to run 11 miles, but somehow David convinced me that I should just keep going until the 6 mile turn around. What’s one more mile, right?


Our time was somewhere between 1:40 & 1:43.

After we wrapped up our run I grabbed some water, did a few stretches, rolled on that damned foam roller then jumped in the car and headed to the house.

We had to be in Cocoa Beach Saturday afternoon for my Aunt’s wedding. Somehow I managed to make it home in time to take an ice bath, they are mandatory for any run over 10 miles.

Christmas mugs are acceptable any time of year – I don’t care what you say. Instagram app is the shiz, – I don’t care what you think about that either.

The drive to Cocoa was incredibly long, boring & rainy. It’s true that the weathermen in Florida never know what is going on. A tropical storm clearly hit Florida yesterday, but no one told us it was coming.

It was called Tropical Storm Ninja.

looks like the shape of a tropical storm to me. A tropical storm named Ninja.

The picture really does no justice for how windy it was. It was incredible.

My Aunt’s wedding was really nice, it was in a small chapel in Cocoa Village. After the ceremony we headed over to cara Mia for a little reception. It was really great to see most of my family. I really love sitting around with my cousins, and Aunts and talking. It’s nice. It’s fun to be a grown-up sometimes.

Later in the evening we met up with a friend of mine from school and had some drinks with him and his girlfriend. .. We finally made it into bed around 1:30 Sunday morning, al most a full 24 hours since I woke up Saturday morning. I went into a coma when my head hit the pillow. I didn’t wake up once single time until 9am.

I’m tired.


7 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Ninja

  1. AWESOME AWESOME run Jena! You are going to kill 1:50!!!

    I won’t lie.. I stopped my run at 9 miles on Saturday solely because it was very cold in CT and I didn’t want to have to get into an ice bath!!

    It was kind of my plan anyway. didn’t want to push it to hard!

    Tropical storm Ninja.. seriously. I think that is amazing.

    • I sure hope I rock my half! I’m hoping (planning) for a great run this coming saturday.

      that tropical storm Ninja was a beast.. just snuck up on us! 😉

    • Ohh, that garmin is the bane of my existence. I’m going to be triple checking to make sure that thing gets my run this weekend. (hopefully it’s just as successful)

  2. Ive yet to take an ice bath after a run.. but Ive not reached double digits yet.. Im saving that “celebration” for my first 10 miler, which I hope to complete by the end of the year haha.

    Im sorry but I have to disagree about the Christmas mug, though I am guilty of this.. I think to myself “what the heck am I using this for?” but its usually a plate and not a mug… So lately Ive been “trying” to keep the seasonal stuff up and only use it when its in season.. As long as its cute tho, go for it 😉

    And dont get too upset over the Garmin.. remember its just a tool to aid in the running.. Without it, you can still run (might not be so pleasurable tho) lol

    • All of my normal mugs are smaller and I wanted a big mug, which happens to be either christmas or valentines day, ha ha!

      I can definitely run w/o my garmin, but I prefer to longer runs with them so I can see my splits. It’s just frustrating because I had a really great run and I was looking forward to seeing all my splits. 🙂

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