pass the xanax


Tuesday was a rest day, and I love rest days, so I abided by my own schedule and did nothing.

We went to Chili’s for dinner; Chris was “starving” when he got home from work and nothing I had planned was going to be quick so we opted to go out to eat.

It wasn’t worth it. I got some new “Veggie Taco’s” … they would have been good except they were smothered/drowned in butter, or something.

Three flour tortillas that are vegetarian-friendly, filled with fresh mushrooms, sliced avocados, and grilled squash and zucchini.

That is the menu description. I tried to look up the nutritional value (or lack there of).. but it’s a brand new item and I guess they haven’t updated their chart. There was some kind of juice everywhere. It tasted very buttery, it wasn’t good. I only ate one, and picked at another one. disappointed. bummer.


I think I’m starting to freak out about my half. This is a problem. The half that I plan on “racing” isn’t until the end of November. It’s WAY to early to be freaking out.

I’m currently researching long run stuff. Like, should I run the first X amount of miles at a certain pace, and then the next X amount of miles at a faster pace. Do these things even help on race day?

I’ve never worried about this in the 3 half-marathon’s that I’ve already completed, why am I worrying now? I think 1:50 seems so fast. It’s an avg of 8:27 for thirteen point one miles.

must stop freaking out.


7 thoughts on “pass the xanax

  1. YoU are totally gonna rock a sub 1:50. Your training long runs have been the same pace if not a little bit faster then mine and somehow i managed to pull it off. Don’t get worried now you are going to drive yourself crazy until November!

    Personally I didn’t try to meet any paces on my long run. I simply refused to have miles over 9 minutes. I alsO tended Togo faster in the second half of the run because I would count down the miles and get excited

    You are gonna slam that time!!

  2. I’m freaking out about my half in November as well…but because of the hills. The hills in my 10K killed me and they weren’t even that bad. I’ll probably die during my half… 😐

    Just go get your run on and don’t think too much!

  3. Can I get in on this xanax action?! I’m already stalking the weather and we won’t be in the 10 day window until Friday! Craaazy!

    And you can put me in the ‘I think you’re going to kick ass’ camp because you’re awesome. 😀

  4. 1) Those tacos look amazing, how could they not be good? Bummer.
    2) You have been absolutely crushing your long runs for weeks now. You have this <1:50 half in the bag. No need to freak out.

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