Y’all, it’s 55* outside!

It’s Monday morning, boooo! I’m enjoying a cup of hot coffee, yay!

It feels okay to be drinking hot coffee instead of iced coffee. It just feels wrong to drink hot coffee when it’s already 80* at 6am.

Sunday after my long run, I did pretty much what I do every weekend after a long run.


I laid on the couch and watched bad TV & read blogs. Chris finally came home later in the afternoon and we decided we would ride down to Shoot Straight in Tampa. Shoot Straight is a gun range/gun store; Chris is ready to a new gun so we are scoping out the stores to see what kind of deals we can get. – I actually liked this place because I was able to hold the guns & feel the triggers. At Gander Mountain & Bass Pro Shop they have trigger locks, that they won’t take off(which I understand), but you can’t feel the trigger.

Enough about guns. Some people are probably immensely uncomfortable with the gun talk.

Oh, go over to Cait’s blog, Beyond-Bananas, and congratulate her on an awesome first half marathon. Home girl finished in 1:49:15, holy crap! She owned her first half marathon!


Let’s recap September, shall we:

Days ran: 13
Days slacked: all the other days I didn’t run
Total miles: 75  — That’s the highest mileage I’ve had since February, which was the month before my last half-marathon.

I didn’t really keep track of how many days I cross-trained, but it’s significantly less than previous months. I forget, or just don’t make time, to cross-train when I’m heavy into half-marathon training.


Last week, which was partly in September & partly in October I managed to get in 25 miles.

Monday – lazy
Tuesday- lazier
Wednesday – 6mi
Thursday –3 mi
Friday – rest day..again
Saturday – 6.2
Sunday – 10

That’s the highest mileage week I’ve had…..  since forever. I rarely make it up to 25 mile weeks, which is super lame, but the truth.

plan it out then work it out

Monday – 4mi (easy pace)
Tuesday – XT / Rest
Wednesday – 6mi (easy pace)
Thursday – 5mi @ 8:45 pace
Friday – 4mi (easy pace)
Saturday – 11 mi
Sunday – maybe a short shake out run. We will be in Cocoa Beach, so maybe I can convince my sister to run with me (Ahem, Stacey?!)

Total forecasted miles:  30   This will be a miracle if it actually happens. I don’t think I’ve ever run a 30 mile week. The temperatures this week are looking better than last week. The highs are in the upper 80’s and the lows are in the 60’s with very little humidity. So, when I run in the evenings it will be 80, not 96.

What’s on your schedule this week? Work outs, fun events, or anything ??


9 thoughts on “Y’all, it’s 55* outside!

  1. You did way better than me for September. I only ran like 7 days and it was only 1-2 miles at a time.
    We are planning on a bonfire in a few weeks so I need to start preparring and making lists for that. Its just a typical week otherwise.

    • I’ve been doing long(er) runs on Saturday’s. In the last 5 weeks I did an 8, 9, 9, 10, 10 … but my miles during the week were lame. I’ve just been babying my knee like crazy, and it’s time to move on from that.

  2. 55 degrees makes for great running weather, doesn’t it? Especially since you have had some very hot weather.

    I am tapering for the Detroit marathon so my week looks like this;
    M- cross train
    T- easy 4 miles, ST
    W- easy 5 miles, core
    Th- easy 4 miles, st
    F- easy 3 miles, yoga
    Sat- 8-10 miles w/ group
    Sun- cross train

  3. You are Sooooo kind! Thank you for linking up! I am still flyin high from the weekend and am considering doing another in 2 weeks. I an already trained. I just dont know if that is smart. Great workouts. 16 miles in one weekend is no joke

    • I think you are fine to do another half on the 15th. As long as your hip/knee is okay (I think you were having a little hip pain?).

  4. I love that you’re honest about how much you do or don’t run. 🙂 Lately anything over about 15 miles is a big week for me, so you’re kicking my butt!

    We’re hoping to go to Wisconsin this week. I’m sure I’ll blog about it if it actually happens. 🙂

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