Are we there yet? Race for the Cure 10k


This morning I woke up earlier than I even want to talk about. ate breakfast. ran around the house getting my stuff together, then shuffled out the door with my friend.

We met the running group, at a still very ridiculous hour to carpool (play follow the leader) down to St. Pete for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

7:15am  – pee
7:20 – warm up run
7:35 race time

7:40 – is this over yet?

Mile 1:  I knew pretty much right off the bat this wasn’t going to be my race. My legs felt tight, and I couldn’t catch my breath. great. 5 more miles to go.  8:04 

Mile 1.93 – surely we are at 2, hopefully more. look at garmin. nope. oh damn, this is going to be a long race

Mile 2: Well gee. Thanks for showing up mile 2. 8:21 ( what mile 1 should have been. oops)

Mile 3: I should have signed up for the 5k. Seriously. What was I thinking? Are were there yet? 8:20

Mile 4: Oh. Okay legs. I’m feeling okay now, thanks for showing up. 8:24

mile 4.5 : Legs? Legs? damn. are we there yet?

mile 5: Okay. one point two miles left. we can do this legs. dang, I’m thirsty, I hope there Is some water up here some where.

mile 5.5  yah but are we there yet?  8:09

mile 6: where the heck are you, you stupid finish line? sprint to the finish line, let’s get this party over. 8:13


Aren’t you glad your not in my head? It was scary in there today. I can say with 98% certainty that if hadn’t of been for Tanya & Christina I would have slowed way down, and maybe walked through water stops.

My brain definitely got in the way.  My thoughts are my biggest problem; I’m constantly questioning whether or not I can maintain a certain pace for X amount of miles. If my legs hurt that really get in my head. It’s frustrating. I wish my brain would just stop talking. (probably how you feel about me? right). don’t answer that.


Oh hey sunshine covering up my face.

hallelujah we are finally done.

Final stats:

Time: 51:34
AG: 11/94
Female place: 63/562
OA: 140/740

Not a PR, but still a great time, but I really was super glad when it was over.

We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel where I ate a ginormous meal of chicken biscuits, grits, hashbrowns & scambled eggs.   Girl don’t play around when she’s hungry. judge away.

After Sherry rolled me out to the car we headed towards Redington Beach so we could get our tan on.

Redington Beach

We only stayed for about 2 hours, but it was long enough for my stomach & chest to get burnt.


Sunday bring another early morning wake up call, and a long run. Not sure about the mileage yet. We are saying 10, but we’ll see. We are going to keep it at a good, relaxed pace.

Hopefully I survive.


8 thoughts on “Are we there yet? Race for the Cure 10k

  1. That is a great time! For a day when your legs weren’t working for you.. you should really be loving this time.
    I am insanely jealous that you got to run in sunshine (it is raining here right now..) … AND that that sunshine is strong enough/warm enough for you to TAN! My color is pretty much gone now. Boo.

    • I am happy with my time, it is a great time – just wish it would have been a little less mentally challenging. 10k is my least favorite distance for sure.

  2. Great time is right! Nice work girl. 10K is such a hard distance for me to maintain pace at… My PR really needs work… Yeah. Glad you had some fellow runners to help push you along. Great finishing picture too. 🙂

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