kind of like a wedding registry, but not


Breaking (not really) News::


all my bitchin’ about the hot weather paid off, and now we have some cooler weather rollin’ in. (for like 2 days, then it will be hot again)

I’m stoked about this forecast, especially since we are running a 10k this weekend! I’m feeling a little more hopeful about the race.


I ran Thursday after work even though it was the very last thing I wanted to do. I even text my friend whining about how I didn’t want to run. pathetic.

I’ve never really had sore shins like I have right now. I woke up Wednesday with sore shins, and again Thursday, so I was a little apprehensive to run. I’ve never had shin splits so I have no idea what that feels like, or what pre-shin splints feel like, and I don’t want to know.

I decided 3 miles on the treadmill. No shin pain while running, so that’s a relief. Finished in 27:06, 9:02 pace. done.done.done. Friday is a rest day. ..this whole week has been one big rest week. Oh well. it happens.


Thursday after work I headed to Target to pick up a few things. One of my very favorite things to do at Target is browse the book aisles. I love it. I never buy anything but I just love to browse. I don’t remember whose blog I was reading, but they mentioned that iPhone has a Good Reads barcode scanner.. life changing.

I used to take pictures of the books, now I just scan the barcode and it uploads the title to my phone. If that’s not awesome then ….get off my blog Winking smile  Jk. sort of.

But seriously. It would be even better if I could figure out how to upload the list to my actual Goodreads account.  {be my Good Reads friend, please!}

When I scan a book my phone makes this delightful beeping noise, kind of like when you registered for weddings gifts. Good times!


Now I just have to go on my library’s website and see if they have any of those books.


Do you have a Good Reads account? I added a widget over there on the right side menu. Add me!!


3 thoughts on “kind of like a wedding registry, but not

  1. Aw crap…now I’m going to end up with a book wishlist! 😐

    Do the muscles on the front of your shin bone feel a bit like they are trying to separate from the bone when you walk? If so, I’m betting on shin splints. Ice those babies up and google shin stretchs! Oh, and write the alphabet with your toes while sitting on the couch…apparently that helps (although I swear my letters never look anything like letters!).

    Good luck with your race this weekend!

  2. This Good Reads scanner sounds awesome. I’ll need to download right away. 🙂

    Shin splint are weird. I hadn’t had them for years, and then about a month ago I had some version of shin splints that only lasted a few days. Ice them, and to help percent then, I try to follow every run by doing toe taps. (squat down and literally tap your toes up/down. You can do one foot at a time or both.) Or, you can always google if my explanation makes no sense. Best of luck with the race!!

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