Chris told me Saturday night as we were getting in bed that he set the alarm for 6am so we (translate you) can get up and clean the kitchen.



He said, “I don’t feel like cleaning the kitchen tonight so we (I mean you)can get up early to clean it.”

He’s crazy. I asked him what we were going to do at 6:05 when it was clean? We ate out last night so there were no dishes to clean. There was like 4 cups in the sink, 1 plate, 1 pan from the biscuits I made and a knife.

Really? We have to get up at 6am for this. He’s crazy.

He was kidding, but I really thought he was serious.


He wanted to get up early so that we could go to the shooting range and shoot his .357 double-action revolver.  To say I was anxious about this is an understatement. I’ve been to the shooting range once, a few years ago. But, I didn’t shoot. I just watched. I was way to nervous to actually shoot back then.

Chris was adamant that I need to learn how to shoot his gun for a “just in case” situation.

There is a gun range that is open to the public on the weekends so we headed over there this morning to get some shooting in.

I was nervous.


All these pictures are going to be crap. I forgot the SD card for my camera, so we had to resort to my iPhone for pictures. yay iPhone.


Chris set up our targets. I made him shoot first. I needed to watch him. I needed to see how much recoil was going to happen. I knew it would be slightly different for me since he is stronger, but watching him first made me feel a teeny bit more comfortable.

When it was my turn I was shaking like a leaf. Chris said he could tell how nervous I was. The gun was bouncing all over the place.

It’s pretty difficult to aim at that stupid little target, with one eye closed, while your heart is racing 300 beats per minute (bpm) !!

Finally, I cocked the hammer, aimed, and pulled the trigger. bang.

phew. I survived. — It was really that dramatic, y’all.


I need to work on that stance.


The first round (6 shots) was pretty tense. After that I felt more comfortable. I shot about 13 rounds. By the last round my arms were tired, and my eyes were starting to cross.



Top target is my 1st one, bottom target is the last one. I shot a few rounds through it.

When we were done shooting I suggested riding up to Ocala to Gander Mountain to check out the gun selection there. I didn’t have to do much convincing, Chris was right on board with this plan.

Gander Mountain was pretty crowded, and we didn’t end up getting to hold any of the guns, but I looked at a few that would be a good fit for me.

When we were done browsing the guns we browsed the clothes. Chris was a good sport and followed me around while I fawned over all the clothes that I wish I could have.




pink carhartt? yes please

I prefer Bass Pro Shop over Gander Mountain for sportsman needs (Fishing/guns) but Gander Mountain takes the gold medal for women’s clothes.

I hope to see the pink carhartt jacket under the Christmas tree!


I’m off to balance our check book, and make up my training plan for the week.


11 thoughts on “bang

    • I’m excited about going to the property with you guys! It will be fun!!
      When Chris woke up @ 7 on Sunday he said, “Babe, you didn’t get upa t 6 to clean the kitchen.”

  1. I need that pink Carhartt too! Good for you for going to the shooting range and trying it out. Hopefully you’ll never need to use this skill, but it’s worth it to make you (and H) feel secure.

    • you definitely need the pink carhartt! They also had a light pink, purple, and blue. All good colors! I’d probably get 3 or 4 uses out of a carhartt, but i LOVE them! I bought Chris a carhartt jacket & bibb last year for Christmas.. but by time we found the right size jacket & bibbs he was out of cold days to wear them. Hopefully this year he gets some good use out of them.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Cait’s and Ali-on-the-Run awhile back (like 6 months ago) and I just want to tell you I love it! Your sense of humor cracks me up and I find that I can definitely relate to it! Thanks for the posts.. keep them coming 🙂

  3. I grew up with 20+ guns in the house (country girl…hunting was a big deal) and I still cried the first time I was forced to go to a shooting range during my gun safety course. My biggest issue is the fact that I suck and my brother’s don’t and they make fun of me…and I’m a gigantic wimp of a girl apparently! Although that shooting range was in the basement of a building and it scared the crap out of me (um, I went to HS with people and some were idiots, I didn’t trust them with firearms!) – I might be able to survive an open space like where you were!

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