No cold water? That’s a problem


Happy Saturday!

Dare I say that I am starting to enjoy getting up early on Saturday’s to get my long run done? That is weird. I hate getting up early.

I almost didn’t get up on time. Chris set the alarm for 4:30am. (He thought he was going to get up early and go to work.) ….. uhm….. he doesn’t get up early. He can barely get up on time.

anyways. the alarm went off at 4:30, he snoozed it and the next thing I know I’m waking up at 5:30 to the alarm. Our alarm only snoozes for 9 minutes, so I (we) slept through the alarm going for quite a while.

found here

I jumped out of bed and started racing around the house to get things ready to go. I pack Chris’ lunch (aww, I know, I’m such a good wife) – gathered up my junk & I was out the door by 5:49.

I’m sure you are dying to know what the weather was like this morning. Let me tell you, it was humid with a side of nasty. The thermometer in my car said 78, and when I checked on my phone it said 90% humidity. I seriously can’t wait for cooler weather.

We hit the trail @ 6:45 – I ran with (and by with I mean behind) Jackie B, Tanya, David, Christina, Marcia (for a little bit), Chris #2(I think), and probably some other people.

I don’t know what went on this week, but my miles were tough, and today was no different. But, I’m not going to complain. I am happy with my pace. But that pace wasn’t easy to come by, that’s for darn sure.


There it is.

Oh, and my knee started hurting in mile 7 and it was pretty tight through mile 10.

Today after our run, Jackie, Tanya & I were strategizing about our upcoming 10k. It’s next weekend and I’m a little apprehensive about it. I’m not sure what a reasonable time goal would be.

I think I’m going with the goal of anything 52:00 & under.

Hopefully that’s not to unrealistic 52:00 is an 8:22 pace. We’ll see.

On my way home from Starkey I stopped @ Dunkin Donuts for my post-run iced caramel latte lite, and the veggie flatbread. Then I went across the street to Kohls. I generally do not like Kohls, but my boss gave me this $10 coupon thing he got in the mail so I thought I would check there for a water bottle.

I saw some cute clothes I wanted to try on, but I’m pretty sure that Kohls would not appreciate my sweaty ass trying on clothes. I can’t even believe I actually went in there. But, there is no kohls close to my house, and this one was on the way home, and the coupon expired today.

I didn’t find a water bottle. boo


When I finally made it back to H-beach I stopped at the store and bought 2 bags of ice so I could take an ice bath. I’m not really sure if it’s even worth it that long after a run?

I don’t know what the deal is with our water, but it does not get super cold. The ice melts before I can even get in the tub. This time I dumped the ice box from our freezer into the water first hoping to cool it down some so that when I dumped in the two bags of ice they wouldn’t melt as fast.

Didn’t work. The bags were melted with in a few minutes of getting in the ice was melted completely. It just wasn’t that cold. I know this sounds like a totally stupid problem, and it kind of is, but I wanted to take a cold ice bath. Not a kind of cold ice bath. Honestly, it really wasn’t all that cold.


It looks cold, but it wasn’t bad. And, yes, I’m wearing two different colored socks. At 5:30am I can’t be bothered to find socks that are the same color, ha. No, but really, I had to be out of the house by 5:45 so I couldn’t waste much time looking for matching socks. who cares anyways.

Chris explained to me why we don’t have really cold water. Something to do with the fact that our pipes are downstairs in the garage. It’s hot in the garage so the pipes got hot, and that makes the water warm. It sounds logical to me, I guess. –

Next time I’ll just buy more bags of ice.


4 thoughts on “No cold water? That’s a problem

  1. Wow. We have the same EXACT problem. Our water doesn’t get cold. It isn’t cool AT all. When we turn it on in the sink.. we have to wait like 2 minutes so it is like.. room temperature rather then warm or even hot. It in incredibly annoying. And while the ice in my ice baths doesn’t last the whole time.. I still think it helps and if Justin feels the water he thinks it is super cold.

    His solution to the problem… is that the water will be colder in the winter. Hmph.

  2. I swear wearing socks into an ice bath makes a world of difference…otherwise my feet hurt so darn bad I just give up and get out. And I totally thought you had some sweet red leggings when I first saw the photo!

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