The good news: It’s Tuesday. or Wednesday
The bad news: It’s only Tuesday or Wednesday

The Good news: Lisa is having a giveaway to celebrate her one year blogiversary
The bad news: If you enter I have less of a chance of winning!  (just kidding.sortof.. no i’m kidding, go ENTER!)

The good news: I planned out my miles for the week
The bad news:  I already messed it up by not running on Monday

I know I can’t be the only runner who sometimes doesn’t want to run, and then doesn’t just because they don’t want to.

I really don’t have a legitimate excuse as to why I couldn’t run yesterday. I could have. But I didn’t want to. I had planned on running 6 miles, and then 6 miles just sounded not fun.

I thought about cross-training, but that didn’t sound fun either – plus, I ate a whole bunch of candy corn on my way home from work and my belly hurt. I’m stupid, but those candy corn were pretty tasty.

Today when I got home I laid on the couch and read a book. I love reading and for the last year or so I’ve really neglected reading actual books. My time has been taken up by reading blogs, and writing my own blog.

I love all things blogs, but sometimes I need a break and like to submerge myself in some fictional characters. – This book isn’t quite the book I was looking for, but it will do. I’ll write a short review when I’m done reading it.

When I couldn’t wait any longer I changed into my running clothes and headed out the door. It’s still like a million degrees here so I have to wait until I think it might have cooled down a little.

“Cooled down” mean it was 90 degrees instead of 95. awesometastic. I wore my new shoes today. Did I show you my new shoes? I forget.


There ya go.

I ran 3 miles, 27:10, 9:02avg of pure suck. I felt like I was running with two cinder blocks tied to my legs. It was brutal. I stopped to stretch at 1/2mi, 1.5mi, 2mi, and I walked for a few seconds about 3/4mi from the house. I can think of multiple adjectives to describe today’s run, none of them are nice.

Running schedule for the rest of the week:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 3
Wednesday – 5
Thursday – 4
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 10
Sunday –Rest
total miles – 22


Can we talk about Biggest Loser 12? I only have one thing to say.


okay. two things:

I miss Jillian.


10 thoughts on “because

  1. I only watched BL12 halfway because I of course had my computer and I cannot be on my computer and watch TB at the same time… and I miss Jillian dearly too!! I like the new guy.. but I am not a fan of Anna. She’s too nice.

  2. It’s funny how everyone is so different when it comes to running shoes, gear, etc… I run in Brooks Adrenalines and have since early 2007! I know I could use a lighter weight trainer, but the Adrenalines have taken me from my first 5K to a BQ! Why fix something that isn’t broke?

    By the way, what shoe did you run in prior? I’ve tried Mizuno and Asics and both were a complete fail! I’d like to try Saucony Kinvara’s, Brooks Launch or the new Brooks Pure Cadence (when they come out).

    • I ran in Nike somethings. I forget what they were called. Apparently Nike has two different “kinds”.. The really crappy kind, and the less crappy “Bauermen” kind. The Bauermen kind is supposed to be for running. I barely got 300 miles out of the two pairs I went through, and the 3rd pair I bought I got less than 100 miles out of them. The balls of my feet were so sore after long runs I could barely walk. It was insane. I switched to Brooks after the Nikes. I like brooks, but I never have that “I’m walking on a cloud” feeling. maybe i’m weird, or I just haven’t found the right how.

      • You are not weird. You just not have found “the one”. A few people I know swear the Brooks Ghost have great cushioning. maybe give those a shot! I tried them but the narrow wasn’t as narrow as the Adrenalines. They still felt too big. :-/ Can a person get feet implants?

  3. Um, I’m thinking candy corn and then a belly ache would totally trump a run for me…but then I tend to slack!

    I should go run on my lunch, at least 2 miles, but I don’t really want to. I know I probably will (I only have 9 minutes left to talk myself out of it…) but that doesn’t make me excited about it…

    • I am going to have to throw out that bag of candy corn. It’s just to tempting to sit there and eat half the bag in one sitting. so yummmmmmy!

  4. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway! And yes. Sometimes I skip a run because I just don’t feel like it. Not usually, but I think it happens to us all. Crazy to realize your weather is still so hot.

    • uhm yes. our weather is so stupid. The heat is really getting old. I need to have good training runs, and this heat is really putting a damper on that. I guess pace wise they are decent, but how I feel during them is crappy.

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