a teensy bit overjealous

Today I was surfing pinterest looking for some kind of cross-training workout. I’ve seen lots of good stuff on their workout wise, so I thought it would be a good place to look.

Oh yah, I found lots of good stuff. Stuff so good it had me thinking I was superwoman or something.

Like this workout for example:


or this one:


I thought the first workout sounded like a good idea, until I got to squat 50 out of 80. Then I decided it was to leg heavy and I should switch to something a little less leg heavy. I need to be able to run tomorrow, and then 9 miles on Saturday. The way my quads have been feeling I didn’t think all those squats sounded like a super great idea.

I modified the workout some..okay, a lot.

This is what I actually did:

100 jumping jacks
90 crunches
50 squats
20 pushups
12 shoulder press (10lb)
15 alt bicep curls (10lb)
12 dumb bell rows (10lb)
10 tricep extension (10lb)
20 pushups
8 shoulder press
12 alt bicep curls
12 dumb bell rows
10 tricep extensions


Not really the workout I was wanting to do, but it was decent, I suppose. 90 crunches is no joke. I’m quite sure the last 50 don’t even count. My abs were burning, and I was huffing and puffing, but my shoulders were barely making it off the ground. Then trying to do 20 push ups after that. HA HA HA. ouch.

Tuesday’s run was craptastic. I ran 5 miles in 46:XX and it was painful. My quads were so tight every step was torture. The entire 5 miles was like this. Definitely going to get new shoes on Saturday after my long run.

When you buy new shoes do you instantly jump into running long distances in them? Or do you break them in with a few shorter runs?

I could go tomorrow and get new shoes but then my first run would be my long run on Saturday, which is 9 miles. I’m a little leary of running 9 miles in a brand new pair of shoes. I’ll be buying the exact same model, so I’m not worried about them not being the right shoe, or fitting correctly.  would just be worried that they aren’t broken in enough to run that far.

What are you thoughts on this matter? Waiting until Saturday is more convenient anyways, the running store is not far from the trail we run on and it’s far from the house.


I’m thinking about a new tattoo. Fine. I’m always thinking about new tattoos. I currently have three that I want to get. Two definitely, and one that I think is totally awesome, but I feel like a copy-catter since I didn’t come up with the phrase, but It’s pretty motivational. I saw it written on my friend, Chase’s wrist in one of his pictures.


.It’s written on the side of my hand, below my thumb.

Naturally I was surfing around on pinterest looking for other motivational things and I found this ring that I must have.


I told Chris I need this ring. and then I stupidly said, “If I run a 1:50 half can I get it?” …… seriously? What was I thinking. I have about a snowballs chance in hell in running a 1:50 half after the ridiculous summer I had with my knee.

humor me.

The Women’s half is on Nov 20th. My b-day is Dec 10th. I’m getting that ring one way or another. bahahahahah!!

Moving on: Diva loves the sound of her own voice and earlier this evening she started barking at me so I started filming her hoping she would keep on with a little help. She cracks me up: She doesn’t do anything special, but she is just funny. My favorite part is at 00:15 seconds, she hops sideways – it seriously makes me laugh.

I don’t know how well you’ll be able to hear me, but I keep asking her “what is it girl. What is it.”  This makes her bark like crazy. We say it in a whispery voice and she goes berserk every time.


and with that I’m out of here. Chris is whining that I’m not paying attention to him. he’s laying on me saying, “I want to annoy you” and he’s reading everything I’m typing.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking bad about him behind his back.


6 thoughts on “a teensy bit overjealous

  1. i just bought a new pair of running shoes last friday and wore them during my long run the next day.

    got blisters and had to keep stopping to tighten the shoe laces. it can be so hard to figure out how tight to tie them! they were either too loose or too tight lol.

    definitely wish i wouldve tested them out during a short run first.

  2. Those are some crazy workouts!

    I don’t think I’ve ever done a long run in a new pair of shoes. I haven’t really avoided it on purpose though, my schedule just never worked out that way. I’m not sure how I feel about it, I’ve never had a problem with new shoes of the same model causing any problems, but at the same time, better safe than sorry!

    You’re brave to get tattooed. I’m so noncommittal, I think if I ever got one it would be on the bottom of my foot so it would be less risky. 🙂

  3. I saw you pinning those things a couple of days ago and have since been searching for them too! I think it is a lto of fun! I started doing the 99 the other morning at the gym after I ran.. subbing in some exercises I like better. But I ran out of time and had to shower before work.. so I didn’t finish. Cool ideas, none the less!

  4. Both my dogs jumped up and stared at the computer all confused when I played that video! LOL!

    That’s an awesome workout Jena! During training for the last marathon I got new shoes pretty close to the end and I think my first run in them was 10 miles. No issues but probably not recommended by most.

  5. Very cute ring; I have no doubt you’ll get it!

    I dont worry about breaking in new shoes with shorter run if they are the same as my previous pair. I think you should be okay unless they don’t feel right.

    The Diva video is funny 🙂 I love dogs.

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