handy girly whirly


That cat pretty much sums up my feelings about today being Friday. Even though it was only a 4 day week it still felt ultra-long.

The town I work in has approx. 92,000 people. 80,000 of which are old, retired snowbirds. JK, it’s not quite that much, but there is a large population of snow birds in this area. They usually migrate to this area around October, and leave in April.

Usually by March I am ready for them to pack up and fly home, and by August we are ready for them to come back. In healthcare we rely on the snowbirds for, uh, “business.” You can see a big difference over the summer in terms of busy-ness. The hospitals are slower, the Dr. offices are slower, it’s just dead.

So, as much as I hate to admit this, I am ready for those crotchety old snowbirds to fly south. It’s been a slow summer.


After work yesterday I got stopped by an old(er) lady as I was walking across the parking lot. She asked If I could help her.

“Uhm. Okay? What can I do for you?”  She says that she ran out of gas and wondered if I would take her up to the gas station to get a little gas for her car.

She is a well-dressed older lady who I saw getting in the elevator on the same floor I work on. (I took the stairs, she took the elevator).

Even still, I’m a little nervous about this situation. I see a prescription in her hand and ask what Doctor she saw. I don’t know why, but for some reason knowing that she saw a Dr, that I am familiar with put my mind a little more at ease.  — I agreed to take her. Then I remembered that I was driving Chris truck. Which is fine, except that it sit on 35 x 10.50’s, and has a lift kit.. Lady was only about 5ft tall, probably pushing 70yrs old.


I pointed to the truck, and told her it was lifted. I asked if she thought she could be able to get in it.

I can’t be responsible for a broken hip!

She says it’s okay, so we proceed forward. Then we get to the truck. I open her door, and she says, “Oh, it’s much taller than I thought. Maybe you can just go get a little gas and I’ll stay here.”

Sure lady.

So I do.

and I come back. and notice that her front passenger tire is damn near flat. the lady is riding on the wheel in her old caddy.

This situation is never-ending.

I tell her that her tire is flat, she knows.. She says she will have the guy @ the station fill it.


I tell her there is no guy @ that station, it was just one Indian woman there. …… Then I offer to follow her to the station to put air in tire.

She offers to give me some money for my trouble.

I refuse.


I can’t take this lady’s money. I feel like it’s my duty to help. I believe that “what goes around comes around.” I believe that some day, my Grandparents will be stuck somewhere and they will need help. I would hope that someone will stop and help them and not take advantage of them. Or, someday I will be somewhere, unable to get ahold of Chris, and I will need someone’s help.

I help because it’s the right thing to do. I wasn’t in a hurry to get somewhere, and honestly, even if I was – I probably would have helped her anyways.

I know some folks would probably balk at the idea of helping a stranger. stranger danger, right?  Yah, I can get on the stranger danger train sometimes, but other times I just let that train go right on by.


Edited to add: The point of this post was not to toot my own horn, or show you how great of a person I am. The point is, that sometimes, even in today’s world, we all need a little help. In my opinion, my generation, and our society,  are selfish, and sometimes we would rather turn our head and walk away then take 30 minutes out our “ME” time to help someone.


7 thoughts on “handy girly whirly

  1. That was really nice of you to go so far out of your way to help that lady. There are a lot of people who wouldn’t have even thought of doing all of those things to help her.

  2. Great post.

    Until the edit it hadn’t occurred to me to think it was horn tooting 🙂 It wasn’t.

    Your points are incredibly valid.

    I’ve found myself in precarious positions before. Once, my tire EXPLODED on my way to work, with my son in the car, while wearing a white dress and heels. Ugh.

    It was scary, but a man came out of nowhere to help – changed the tire, filled the rest.


    Another time, years ago, my transmission blew in my Jeep. At 3am. All alone. F@#$!!! Again, I was helped by a stranger.

    It’s really incredible when people take a few moments to lend a hand, especially when they have absolutely no reason to do so.

    So thanks for helping her. And thanks for that quote. It’s gut wrenching because it’s true.

    Have a great Friday!

  3. That was very nice of you to help her out. Good karma points for you!

    I have to agree about this week feeling long. It felt like friday was never going to get here and I had Monday off!

    • I know, I was a little worried, but I saw her getting on the elevator from my floor and then I saw the script in her hand. ..and she gave me $20 to get the gas can & gas.. so if anyone was gonna be doin’ the scamming it would be me. I actually was a little worried that she would think I took off w/ her money.

      I agree some old ladies are shady. she was really sweet though. She was on her way to a viewing. poor lady was having a rough day.

  4. I didnt think you were tooting your own horn, but I think its great that you helped her. I have a healthy amount of stranger danger fear, but at the same time I can usually recognize when somebody is in trouble and I was raised to help in those situations. I think what you did was great and more people should be willing to help.

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