I can breathe deeply again

Happy Thursday Friends! I woke up thinking it was Friday – what a bummer that we are still one day away from the coveted day of  Friday!


It finally stopped raining here yesterday morning, so by time I got home the streets were un-puddled enough that I could run outside.

Since I only did 3 miles on Tuesday when I should have done 5, I switched the days and decided 5 would be done on Wednesday. This worked out great!

I wanted to put some new music, or at least a new playlist on my iPhone before heading out, but sadly stupid iTunes had to update before I could do anything. Maybe it’s just my computer, but those updates take forever. so I left without putting any new music, and then I realized Chris had my car and my armband was in the car. bleh. … I have to take my phone (don’t have to, but like to for safety reasons) so my only option was to run with it in my hand. not ideal.

ps. I love pinterest

The air was a little stuffy, but not to bad. There was a nice breeze coming across the water and it was cloudy. It was pretty nice running weather.

I chose a different route to keep me from getting to bored, To run 5 miles in my ‘hood I have to run to the end of the sidewalk & back. boring. So I chose a road I’ve only been down once before and went that way. It was 1 mile to the road from my house, 1 mile down the road, 1 mile back, then I went out towards the end of the sidewalk (its literally the end of the sidewalk) and turned to head back home. The run back towards the house felt so nice and cool. Oh man, I could take a deep breath, it was amazing. I was running right into that cool cool breeze, awwwww.

I can feel the ocean breeze right through this picture

My total distance was 5.7 miles, in 51:19, 9:01 pace.  The run was good. Not stellar, but good. My quads were feeling tight and no amount of stretching was loosening them up. I felt like I was shuffling. It felt like I was tensing up my whole body and that was causing my quads to hurt.. I don’t know, it was weird.


I made shepherds pie for dinner before I went running, but when I got home from my run the last thing I wanted was a hot & heavy meal. I got out that amazing vita mix and made a banana schmoooothie, and it was divine!

I used:

3 bananas
a shitload of ice
a scoop of plain greek yogurt
1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Blend. gulp. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

and then we watched a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy season 2, and I ate a tiny tiny piece of pizza w/ ranch dressing. oh man, it was good.

Catch ya on the flip side, friends


ps. I had a dream nightmare I got kidnapped. and then one of the Marketing people that comes into my office saved me.



2 thoughts on “I can breathe deeply again

  1. Great run!

    That smoothie sounds amazing. Chris wanted to buy an immersion blender the other day and I vetoed it. Now I’m rethinking that decision. Smoooothieeeee….mmmmmm!

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