That was a little frightful: blog safety

First of all, I wanted to say HI! to the new readers/commenters in the last week or so. Maybe you’ve been reading, but not commenting, or maybe you are just new all together.. so HI! hope you hang around!


Is it fall yet? Chris very kindly reminded me that fall doesn’t officially start until September 21st. Well, whatever, I’m wishing for cool weather.

I know a few weeks ago I was whining about people already talking about it being all and how I wasn’t ready for fall.

I lied.

I had a great run on Saturday in fall-ish weather and now I’m ready for the temperature to be here for a few months.

I’m trying to plan some races for the fall, but right now all I can think about is the two half-marathons that I have coming up.



Actually I’m not talking about kid safety, but when I put safety in pinterest this is what came up. This seriously made me laugh out loud.. and it’s a real thing. So weird. I guess soon we’ll see a bunch of kids walking around with QR tattoos…..

What I’m really talking about is blog safety. About two weeks ago I was on a message board and someone mentioned a website where we could see how our blogs stack up against other blogs. (clearly my blog loses every time). anyway – somehow that lead to me playing around on with domain names.

I found out that all of my information was being displayed on the godaddy website if someone were to search my domain. Things like, my full name (first, last), my home address (current) and my cell phone number (current).

I use bluehost as my server and they released that information when I registered for a domain through them. not cool, but it’s not exactly their fault. When I registered I didn’t read the fine print, I guess. I’m sure some where in there it states that if I don’t buy the protection plan then my information will be released for all the creepers of the world to find.

go daddy1

To check your domain go to – On the right hand side of the screen is a search box. Hover over the magnifying glass for a drop down menu and select WHOIS domain check.

Type your domain name in. It will give you your information if your domain is not protected.

If it is protected it just gives you the domain name, and who the server is.


I’m not the type of person that freaks out over stranger danger. I have several friends who I have met through online message boards & blogs. I’m fine with that. However, I don’t want any greg, peter, bobby, marsha, jan or cindy to be able to get my address & phone number with out my permission.


A few of the bloggers on the message board have their domain through and they said it was six bucks & change to buy the protection plan. – for bluehost it is $9.99/yr . I contacted bluehost through their chatroom thing on their website and they immediately set me up with what I needed.

This is for bloggers who have bought their own domain. I checked my old wordpress blog and no info came up. check just to be sure, but I’m pretty sure it only applies if you bought your own domain name.

OH, and if you already knew this, why didn’t you tell me? Gosh, I thought we were friends!!

In other less exciting news:

Daily work out

I scheduled myself to run 5 miles yesterday, and when I got home from work I had very good intentions of running 5 miles..on the treadmill. I wanted to run outside, but it’s been raining since Monday afternoon. That much rain + our neighborhood = flooded streets.

I don’t mind running in puddles, but I’m not running in roads that are more puddle than they are road. No thanks.

So I put my new lululemon shorts on and got on the ol’ hamster wheel. I made it 3 miles before I quit. I tried. but 5 miles seemed like way to 5 on the treadmill.

My schedule says 5 on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday. I’ll switch them around and hopefully get 5 done today after work…on the treadmill.

it’s still raining.

After I got done running I wanted to do a little upper body stuff:

40 crunches on stability ball
15 pushups
10 shoulder press
12 bicep curls

10 pushups
20 crunches on stability ball
12 bicep curls
10 shoulder press

Nothing stellar, but my abs were burning after doing the first set of crunches and then pushups directly after.

Livin’ life, one pushup at a time


10 thoughts on “That was a little frightful: blog safety

  1. I was a little leary to spend the extra money at first. I put a few popular blogs into the WHOIS domain and was actually shocked to see how many were NOT protected! Some bloggers don’t use their own first name on their blog but don’t have their domain protected…that gives a lot more than first name!

    Needless to say I did end up getting the protection and I’m glad you added it! I don’t really mind sharing some personal info…on my own terms!

    • I also checked some of the more popular bloggers and I was also surprised @ how many don’t use the protection. I also don’t mind some info being out, name, that i live on the west coast of FL, but my exact address? no thanks. the town i live in has a pop. of less than 5000.. people are creepers.

  2. This is great stuff – I’m not self-hosted but it’s good to know. Thanks for sharing, you’re like the blogworld’s protective mama bird 🙂

    Unrelated, what was the comparison site you mentioned? All I need is one more stat/analytic to pore over. (I’m a number freak)

    • lol. My concious is a pain in my ass. It thinks, “if something happened to someone, and there was a way that you could have said something that might have helped even the tiniest bit then you should.” that is just a ridiculous thought process.

      the website is

  3. good ol’ blogspot just pops up the developer of google!
    Although I was coming to your house for lobsters..why’d you change it so I couldn’t put your addy in google maps ;D

    • when i first read your comment I thought it was spam. i was so confused. I don’t “know” a Cody…then I saw your blog address.. oh duh, it’s FMLB.. threw me for a loop. Well, if you want to drive from your location to my location for lobster you’re more than welcome. I would even greet you with a good poop joke. 🙂

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