I’m ready!

Sunday was a perfectly lazy day and I’ve loved every second of it.

Wyatt was laying under the table this morning as we were deciding what to do today.

Chris let me sleep in until 9:30. I was super tired from Saturday’s run and the our tour around the outlet mall. I woke up with hamstrings so tight you could bounce a tennis ball off them. joy

Diva after her bath

no real point to this picture. it’s just cute. her hair is a hot mess

Yesterday morning I was planning on running a few miles to loosen up my legs, but as the day wore on running was less & less appealing.

We’ve been scoping out washer & dryers for the last few days and today was no exception. We headed to best buy to check out an LG set, but the salesperson really couldn’t tell us to much about the set.

Chris did some research on them, and read some reviews, but I felt like they should have been able to give us a little information on the set. Granted best buy probably isn’t known for selling washer & dryers so maybe we were reaching by going there.

Our next stop was Lowes, again. We’ve already been twice this week to look at different sets, and see what we like.

soooooooo pretty!! We currently have a front loader, and I like it, but I really like this top loader, so we are going to go with it. Plus, we are getting one hellacious deal on it!


Confession: I am SO ready for fall!

Saturday morning was so nice and now I’m itching for more days like that! I’m so ready for it to be fall that I’m wearing a columbia fleece pullover, and fleece sweatpants.. it doesn’t matter that it’s approximately 85* outside; I’m preparing for cold weather.




I love the summer, but I want to be able to breath when I run! Whose with me?

Livin’ life, one lazy day at a time!


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