I think this is going to be short and sweet. I’m not feeling to hot, ugh.

I came home from work and got ready to run. But before I came home I went to CVS to pick up a prescription and somehow convinced myself that I should get some sugarfree gummy bears. yah, ew. they didn’t taste good, but I still at the whole package… gross.

I can’t say if that’s what is wrong with my stomach, but I Can only assume that those nasty gummy bears have something to do with it.

I attempted to run 6 miles on the treadmill, but I made 3.6 miles and called it quits. I feel like I have a gigantic bubble just sitting in my stomach. It’s been 3 hours and it’s still just hanging out making me feel gross.


I searched “bubbles” on pinterest and that little baby came up. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it’s cute and made me smile so I put it up here..

For dinner we are straying away from the meal plan and have grilled buffalo chicken with grilled sweet potato (for me) & regular potato for Chris.  — Chicken was on the menu, but wasn’t intended to be made this way. I didn’t feel like cooking, and grilling is the best way to get out of cooking. Smile

In other, not exciting news, we are going to the Y tomorrow to see if they are running any membership specials since it’s the 1st of the month. I Don’t know if they do that, or maybe they will have a labor day special? For both of us to join there is a $100 sign-up fee, it’s “only” $100, and we “only” have to pay it once, but If I can get out of paying it at all, I would prefer that.

Somehow Chris has turned me into a haggler. (is that even a word?) I used to just accept things the way they were. I either paid, or I didn’t. I never tried to haggle with anyone. Chris on the other hand, he’ll try to haggle anyone about anything. Even at restaurants, it’s crazy..and sometimes drives me crazy, but I love him ❤

While we were in the Bahamas I put my lack-of haggling skills to work. I wanted to buy two straw purses but they wanted $20/ea for two fairly small purses. No way jose. The lady saw my hesitation so she asked what I wanted to pay. I thought about it for a minute – I didn’t want to rip the lady off, but I felt like she was trying to rip me off – I told her $13/ea, and she accepted. score.

I was so proud of myself.. I practically skipped back to the boat to tell Chris. nerd.

Are you a haggler?

Livin’ life, one haggle at a time


6 thoughts on “bubbly

  1. I love to haggle. Justin claims I am the best haggler/negotiator he has seen .. especially when we went car shopping. I disagree. My brother was with me the last time I bought a car.. and I just remembered what he said.. and repeated it. It worked in my favor.

  2. haha that whole haggling story in the Bahamas cracked me up because I can picture it. I am not a haggler and feel bad about it and don’t know what I’m doing… but I wish I did! Maybe I will work on this little skill… Like you said you don’t want to rip the people off but you don’t want them ripping you off either! I used to get annoyed with pinching pennies and comparison shopping and, like we’ve talked about with groceries, finally bit the bullet with buying store brands or shopping at ALDI. Now I kind of like this little game… hehe

    • i think that’s the only time i’ve ever haggled. Usually I just accept and move on. … I pretty much shop at publix exclusively now for groceries so there isn’t much comparison going on. I do buy store brand as much as possible, and pay attention to pricing. I refuse to shop at walmart.for anything. I just can’t.

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