Alright friends, we are half-way through the work week, that’s good news!

Tuesday was pretty uneventful, I don’t particularly like Tuesdays. There is always lots of drama in the building I work in. Lots of loud, annoying, smoking, obnoxious patients occupy the halls all day long waiting to get into the pain management doctor. I hate to stereo-type pain management patients, but these people make it pretty hard.

I also left work early to renew my tag…yes mom, I’m just now renewing my tag. oops. It expired on 8/21, but I kept forgetting to renew it. Today when I went online to renew it said that they didn’t have my insurance on file so I had to go to the DMV to renew. dang. I don’t know about where you live, but every time I’ve ever been to the DMV it’s taken no less than an hour. ugh. — I arrived @ the DMV at 4:10, and I was out by 4:20. WHOA. quickest DMV trip EVERRRR!!!! There was no one there – it was the craziest thing.

Daily work out

Today was a cross-training day so I did a little workout I found on pinterest last week. 


I did this work out twice. Then I did an additional 10 pushups. I did 23 pushups at work today, and then another 20 tonight before bed.

I am counting the burpees as pushups, since you do a pushup, right? I hope I did that right.

20 pushups in the work x 2 sets = 40
7 burpees x 2 sets =14
53 additional pushups btwn work & home

total pushups = 107   HOLLA!  

I can definitely feel some soreness in my core. My arms feel great. I need to do a little weight lifting as well, but I really like pushups because they are convenient and require nothing but a little space on the floor.


In an effort to stop killing our brains save money we are going to cancel our home phone and cable. I checked out our phone usage last month and we made/rec’d 19 calls. Uhmmmm, yah. It’s $35 for the phone, not really worth it for 19 calls.  We’ve been talking about cancelling the cable forever. Every day I say, “there is NEVER anything on TV.ever.” Then we talk about cancelling the cable, and then think of some reason why we cannot cancel the cable.

Now that I’ve discovered Hulu I’m pretty much fine with cancelling cable. If I can’t watch it on Hulu, I can rent it from netflix, or watch it on the network website. Paying for cable is pointless these days. Of course we have to get netflix first, but it’s cheaper than paying for cable., right?

Tonight Chris said, “let’s practice not having cable.” So, we did. First we went to lowes. That was not really a money-saving event, but Chris needed to get some junk for work so we went. Then we dreamed about the new washer & dryer that we want, and looked at a counter for the laundry room. We checked out the dewalt drill that he wants for Christmas. He is horrible when you take him to lowes! There is a whole lot of, “Oh, babe, I need this.”   “Oh, and this, check this out.”  “Oh, I also need a 4ft level.”  He’s like taking a girl shopping, ridiculous.


I saw this cute guy in Lowes and I wanted to bring him home. He’s so schweet lookin’

$50 later we made it home and decided we should play yahtzee. It’s been a while since we’ve played yahtzee, We dug out the game, and sat down at the table and enjoyed each other’s company.

It was really fun. I really like yahtzee, it’s a fun game of chance that had us totally cracking up.


Chris won the first game, I won the second game. Of course we had to have a third game to break the tie. duh.


I won!

Chris’ score was 200 for the 3rd game. Sadly I never scored a yahtzee.

What types of things do you & your SO do together…. besides workout or run.

Livin’ life, winning one game at a time


16 thoughts on “Practicin’

    • We have a few card games, like uno, and phase 10 but phase 10 takes forever and a day and it’s way more fun if you are drinking! We aren’t big into video games, we have an Xbox, but we never play. I’m thinking about looking for a used Wii so that we can stream netflix to our TV, so maybe we might get a few games for that.

      • Oh yeah and I have DSL so I have a phone line for that but havent had an actual landline for use in a long time. Ive been cell-only for a long time. Hospital required a landline when we brought my kiddo home on the vent but since then I moved and didnt bring the landline with me.

  1. I’ve been on my Chris to cancel our cable for a long time. I can totally live without it. He is not a fan, in fact he is pushing to upgrade the cable to get more channels in hope that then there will be something on TV. I haven’t had a home phone in about 10 years. My cell phone does the trick! Glad he is onboard with that at least.

    One of our favorite evening activities is playing Yahtzee. We play at least once per week. Sometimes we get crazy and play Uno or Scrabble instead. On the weekends we usually try to do something outside like hiking, biking, or taking the dogs for a walk somewhere new.

    • We have brighthouse and we have an HD TV so we get all the regular channels plus a few extra HD channels and there is still nothing on. I tried Chris to let me get showtime so we could watch Dexter, but he wasn’t on board with that whole thing.

      We had a house phone at our old house because we lived in a mgmt area (woods) and we had zero cell phone service. Like, had to walk outside, and down the road a little ways to get service. He is on-call for work, so that doesn’t really work out to well.

      I get great cell service at our new house, and his is a little sketch, but it’s good enough we can get rid of the phone.

  2. Girl you are really getting those push ups done! When I first upped mine – my super low abs were SO sore .. like the muscles over my bladder in stuff. It hurt so bad I thought something was wrong with me until Justin told me his hurt too.

    I commend you for canceling cable and TV. It will certainly save money. I so don’t think I would every do it though. While you do bring up valid points with HuLu and Netflix – I just don’t see it happening. Nice job practicing though!

  3. i never had cable growing up because we lived so far out in the sticks there literally wasn’t service. now i refuse to pay $150 for it. i don’t need 90 channels where there’s “never anything on”; plus i don’t need one more excuse to be lazy on the couch 🙂 we do have netflix and i’m fine being late to the party on tv shows that make it on there – no commercials = awesome!

    • We didn’t have cable growing up either. Well, we got it when I was in 9th grade but prior to that we never ever had cable. We used to go over to my Grandmas and BEG her to watch nickelodeon, ha. We pay $120 for phone/internet/cable. It’s not bad, but I can save $70 by getting rid of the phone we never use, and the cable that never has anything on. It’s a win/win for us. We didn’t have cable for the first 3-4 years we were together either. We survived just fine. I don’t remember what made us get it, but I know we spent a lot more time together before. Now we just bicker over what we are going to watch.

  4. I was thinking about getting rid of the house phone but a lot of companys (credit checks) want to see a home phone attached to an address. Make you more stable.

    I can’t get rid of the tv with teens and hubby in this house so I guess I will need to keep my job…lol

    • I’ve never heard that the house phone would make us look more stable. I guess it could be possible. I think my mortgage is stable enough 🙂

  5. That cat picture totally makes me laugh. 🙂

    H & I like to cook together, watch movies, take drives, fish, eat at nice places (occasionally) and spend a lot of time at the farm. We dont have cable either, so you’re not alone!

  6. First…burpees totally count toward your pushup total!

    And I highly recommend calling to cancel your cable but not actually unplugging it. We currently have the basic cable channels and are not paying for them. In the past we have cancelled cable only to find out a month or two later that we actually ended up getting more channels. I never ask questions! You should give it a shot!

  7. I can’t believe you voluntarily did burpees! I hate them! You’re rocking those push-ups!

    We don’t have a house phone either and I think our cable bill is outrageous. The tv is usually only on for background noise. We probably wouldn’t miss it if it was gone.

  8. I got lost in your blog transition somehow (even though I tried not to) and finally got myself re-subscribed and getting e-mails. So here I am commenting again on old posts! I really want to be able to do a few real pushups… you have inspired me. I’m in the no pushup boat. My workouts were pretty consistent for the first 4 or so months this year then dwindled to nothing! Aaron and I worked out together the other day (at the same time, not doing the same routine. YEAH RIGHT.) That really helped so maybe my motivation will be a workout buddy! We never got a house phone after getting married. We had cable in 29 Palms for me basically. Aaron doesn’t care too much about TV. I didn’t watch it too much over there but when I did I’d get sucked into TLC all day. So we got rid of it over here. Whew.

    • Oh no! Well, i’m glad you are back now! I can’t wait to see you in a few short weeks!!!!! Having a workout buddy is usually a good way to go. Even if you don’t do the same workout it’s good to have some one there with you!

      We still haven’t cancelled cable. I keep hearing that netflix is dying a slow death, so i’m kind of worried about cancelling the cable.. i need to do it though. we haven’t watched it in a few days.

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