Plan it out


Monday: 3mi + weights/pushups
Tuesday: Xtrain
Wed: 6mi + pushups
Thurs: 3mi + weights
Friday: rest
Saturday: 8 mi
Sunday: 3mi + pushups

total: 24 miles

Along with planning out my workouts, I plan out meals. I think the idea of planning out a menu is a little restrictive for some. I could see how it would be restrictive for families on the go, or for more creative types. But, since I am neither of those the menu planning works out really well for me.

Weekly meal plan

fried fish & grits
pumpkin black bean soup
chicken w/ balsamic onions & parmesan potatoes  (rachel ray magazine)
veggie fajita burrito  (rachel ray magazine)
flat bread pizza with spinach


Tonight we had fish & grits. Occasionally some of the guys that work with my Dad stay over bc it’s a long drive back to where they live… So tonight we cooked up a big mess of fish & grits. That’s the bomb y’all, fish and grits is the tits. mmmmm

Daily work out

Y’all will be happy to know that I ran outside for the first time since July. Oh yes. outside. and it was hot as heck. oh man was it hot. 

I left the house a little before 6. It was a little cloudy with a slight breeze so I thought it would make for a cool(er) run. wrong.

My schedule says 3 miles so I set out for a little 3 mile jaunt. the first 1/2mi was a little rough. My knees were stiff and achy. I am kind of wondering if it’s my shoes, or if I’ve just adjusted to running on the treadmill. I’m hoping it’s the latter for at least another month or so.

I stopped to stretch around 1/2mi and that seemed to loosen up my knees. The last 2 miles were uneventful. Over all a decent run. I am happy to have put my shoes back out on the pavement. My time was 28:32,, 9:30.  good enough. Plus 20pushups x 2 sets.

living life, one pushup at a time


5 thoughts on “Plan it out

  1. I am cracking up at “fish and grits is the tits.” Hilarious.

    I am happy to see that I am not the only one who has suffered this summer. This midwest humidity is seriously kicking my arse. I hope my pace bounces back once the air gets a bit more crisp in the fall.

    The few times I have run outside though – I have been wearing the sunglasses that I won on your blog (unless it’s at dusk or dark, obvs). Thanks again for those. 🙂

    • Nope, it is in no way, shape, or form getting any cooler. It’s still in the 90’s every day. I just wanted to run outside yesterday.

  2. Both plans sound good. Hope the knee continues to cooperate!

    I never like the stuff Rachel Ray cooks on TV, and I don’t like the one RR cookbook I was given as a gift, but her magazine recipes are the bomb. It’s so weird.

    • I agree w/ you on the RR stuff. I have one of her 15-minute cook books. It has the most random meals in there. Stuff that I could never make in 15 minutes. stuff I’ve never even heard of, it’s definitely weird. But I love her cooking magazine. My Grandma got me the subscription for Christmas last year and I was a little apprehensive bc the one cookbook I have is dumb, but the magazine is great. phew. and her site has some good stuff on it too.

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