There’s one thing I’m good at …

Welp, Saturday is gone. Sunday is here. bummer. Back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday wasn’t quite as productive as I would have liked:

  • sit on the couch CHECK
  • do laundry sort of check
  • gym/run I did run
  • sweep/mop nope
  • grocery shopping nope
  • return the smallest george forman you’ve ever seen to Target. nope

So, I completed 50% of the list, good enough. I did a super great job of sitting on the couch, I almost earned an award for that.


Today’s to-do:

  • laundry
  • sweep/mop
  • menu plan
  • grocery shop
  • color hair
  • paint toenails
  • short run

Daily work out

Since I didn’t go run with the group yesterday I had to tackle 7 miles on my own. I was planning on using a guest pass I have for the Y. But, then I thought maybe chris & I could go to the Y today and use our passes together. Plus, I really just wanted to stay home. I didn’t feel like driving over to the Y, it’s not far, but the treadmill in my living room is 100x closer Winking smile 

Keeping up with the Kardashian’s was playing on E! yesterday for a few hours so I jumped on the treadmill and ran my little heart out. – I know the Kardashians are a controversial family, and quite a few people dislike them, but they are pretty entertaining.

7 miles was on the menu, and 7 miles is what I did. I stopped at 3 miles to stretch and get a sip of gatorade. I can’t believe the sweat that was pouring off me, considering I was running inside. In my head, running inside should equal less sweat since its cooler inside. .. not so. 7 miles, 67:00, 9:34pace.

My first 2 miles were at a 6mph pace, which is a 10:00, the remaining 5 miles I alternated between 9:40 – 9:13. I felt surprisingly good during my run. – I haven’t had any knee pain for the last 2-3 weeks (yay). I’m surprised that my knees feel good today. I was worried that with the increase in mileage this week that I might have some knee issues, but so far so good. I am going to do a 4 mile run a little later today.


Last weekend while we were down in Jupiter we went to Chili’s one night for dinner. I ordered the Santa Fe chicken wrap, which I just looked up and see that it has 630 calories.. oof!  Anyways, it was really tasty, and possibly worth the calories.  But, I was more interested in the Margarita Chicken that my Dad & Sissy-Love ordered.  It looked like a fairly basic meal that I could replicate at home.


I looked up the recipe for the margarita chicken on FOOD.COM

Chili’s Margarita Grilled Chicken

  • 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 cup liquid margarita mix
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • fresh ground black pepper, to taste
  • I put the chicken breasts in a gallon size ziplock bag and then added the marinade. I didn’t measure anything, I just dumped some margarita mix in the bag until the chicken was covered up and then sprinkled some garlic powder, pepper, and salt inside the bag.

    I let it marinade for about 4 hours, and then Chris put it on the grill when he got home. We also had a sweet potato (for me), regular potato (for him) and corn on the cob (for him). We’ve figured out that grilling the potatoes is ! SOO tasty!   (no pictures. sorry).

    Chris said it was the best “white” chicken he has ever had. I guess white means breasts as opposed to thighs. He really isn’t a gigantic fan of grilled chicken … which is funny considering the amount of grilled chicken we’ve been eating lately. (ha! Smile  )

    What’s on your menu for this week? Did you have any damage from Hurricane Irene?


    Livin’ life, one lazy day at a time


    3 thoughts on “There’s one thing I’m good at …

    1. I didn’t really do jack all weekend either but my computer chair giot a workout! Kardashians or not…7 miles on a TM would be a doozy

      I’m definitely going to try that chicken…sounds super easy!

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