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13 weeks until the Women’s Magazine Half-Marathon. 10 weeks until my training half-marathon with Jenny. 

I’m feeling good about the whole thing right now. The last few weeks I’ve been feeling good about my training. I feel like I’m making some progress; not really pace wise, but I’ve been getting in some good miles so that makes me feel more confident.

What I don’t like is that every run since July 21st has been on the treadmill.  I’m really ready for some cooler temperatures so I can get some runs done outside. I should really run in the heat, but it’s just so gross I don’t want to. Chances that the half in october will not have cool temperature so I should really “practice” running long distances in the heat. #wah


weekly workout recap

Last week was a solid week of running. I’m SUPER proud of myself that I pretty much stuck to my plan.

Here is what I planned for myself for last week: (actual in bold)

Monday: travel                  we drove home from jupiter
Tuesday: 3 mi + pushups    3 mi (27:15, 9:05) + 20 pushups
Wednesday: 6 mi              6 mi (54:54, 9:09) + 20 pushups
Thursday: 3mi + weights     3 mi (29:00, 9:39) + 20 pushups
Friday: rest                       rest
Saturday: 5 mi + pushups   7 mi (67:00, 9:34) + 20 pushup x 2
Sunday: Xtrain (weights)    3mi (27:45, 9:15) + 20 pushups

                                       total miles: 22  total pushups: 120

22 miles is pretty awesome for me, especially since I’ve been averaging between 10-15 mpw for a while now. I finally broke the “6 miles is faaaaarrrrrr” {wahhh} feeling I’ve been having. I finally feel like I’m doing some real training for this half-marathon. Ideally I would like to be around 27-30 mpw.  I’m definitely feeling like I’m ready to tackle some longer distances and get this non-training plan moving!

If you are training for something how did your week go? Successes? Failures?  If your not training for something, what keeps you motivated to work out?

Livin’ life, one mile at a time


6 thoughts on “let’s talk about …

  1. Im training for failure and I totally succeeded!!!

    Actually I did pretty good.. I ran and biked.. More biking miles than running, but I really havent been doing much of any running so the few miles I did get in were heavenly. I got in 14 running miles and then 22 biking. Better than nothing I guess..

    • Huh? Nope, I would have never guessed this is your first half. Although, now that I think about it, I remember talking about races somewhere with you and I don’t remember you mentioning a half. Welp, this is a good half, it’s nice and flat. Only problem is that it has potential to be hot since it’s in October. Let’s hope the weather fairies gives us some cooler weather. (Good Luck tomorrow! I’ll be thinkin’ about ya!)

    • Oh! Thanks for reminding me I need to do a few push ups! I’ve been trying to do a set at work, and then a set, or two at home. My sets consist of 20 push ups. for some reason 21 is so daunting and i just can’t do it. I’m going to aim for 22 right now..!

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