It ain’t over yet



We’ve been out & about for the last few days. We went down to Jupiter Inlet on Saturday and we came home Monday night. Our original plan to head over to the Bahamas early Sunday morning got nixed because of rough weather. 

Instead of crossing to Grand Bahamas we spent the day riding around in the intracoastal waterway (Okeechobee Waterway).  It was a good time. Any time spent out on the water is a good time, right?


Before we can head out on the boat a grocery shopping trip is in order. We usually get lunch meat, ginger snaps, bread, chips, beer, coconut rum, pineapple juice, and other misc. snacks when we head out on the boat. Obviously ginger snaps are a must.

I have no idea why, or when it started, but ever since I was a little kid we’ve always taken ginger snap cookies out on the boat. They are soooooo tasty! 

Did you know that ginger helps with nausea, or sea-sickness? Now ya know.  Oh, BTW, that isn’t me in the above picture. That’s my Sissy-Love.


No boat trip is complete with out a trip to West Marine. It’s also not complete unless something has to be fixed before you head out. It’s a rule: “Thou shalt make a trip to west marine @ 8:30pm to get a part for the boat”



That is the best Salt Life sticker I’ve EVER seen! Salt Life with a hammerhead in the middle. Omgeezy, of course I had to have that sticker. It’s just waiting to be put on my car!   — I was in need of a new one anyways. My windshield wipers ruined my other one.. I also have one with a palm tree in the middle. The shark is going up first. Palm tree can be a back up sticker incase the shark doesn’t make it.


I’m so awesome at pictures, I even got my finger in it. what the heck? I forgot my camera in the truck so I had to resort to awesome iPhone pictures.


A rain storm was trying to sneak up on us. It didn’t get us, we ran the other way. Smile

I know some people dislike instagram. I love it, and I don’t use the pictures very often in my posts – I think every once in a while is okay.





Last week wasn’t to stellar in the work out department. It wasn’t a total fail though:

Weekly Run-down

Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: work event. Rest Day
Wednesday: 1 mi + weights
Thursday: 5 mi on the treadmill
Friday: 3 mi on the treadmill
Saturday: Rest – drove to Jupiter
Sunday: Rest- out on the boat

Total: 13 miles

plan it out then work it out

Monday: travel
Tuesday: 3 mi + pushups
Wednesday: 6 mi
Thursday: 3mi + weights
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5 mi + pushups
Sunday: Xtrain (weights)

If all goes well: 17 miles total

It’s a short week this week thanks to my extended weekend. I have a conference in Tampa Wednesday from 12 – 1:30 , so it should be an easy day as well.

If Hurricane Irene stays away I have plans to hit up the beach this weekend. I’m working on my sunglasses tan, y’all.

The kids around here returned to school this week, so their summer is over. My summer ain’t over, y’all. I’m celebrating summer until it’s to cold to wear a bikini. – but, I do wish we could at least get a break from this heat once the sun goes down.

Celebrating Summer, one day at a time, yo


12 thoughts on “It ain’t over yet

  1. Looks like the storm is going to miss you! We are going to get hit though. It will only be a category 1 when it hits us – but still more then we’ve dealt with in a LONG time. 85mph winds and 8-10 inches of rain in 16 hours. Um. Scary.

    • The meteorologists, and reporters make it seem much worse than it actually is. Of course the storms are dangerous, but sometimes they over-exaggerate. Okay, they over-exaggerate a lot. Make sure any patio furniture, or other outside things are brought inside so they aren’t flying around. Get some extra bottled water, fill up your gas tank.

      Hurricane parties are pretty popular down here. People just hang out and drink while they ride the storm out 😉 Invite some friends over and have a grand ol’ time! I wouldn’t mind a good heavy rain if I could stay home from work and cuddle up on the couch.

      Stay safe this weekend!

    • Hi! thanks for commenting! I’m getting depressed with all this talk about summer being over. I only want cooler weather so that running is more enjoyable. I’m not ready for weekends at the beach and on the boat to be over yet. =)

  2. Oh, another fun weekend!. Glad you had a nice time even though the weather didn’t cooperate.

    West Marine is such a pain in the pocket book. Oh, that widget? Looks like a normal piece of hardware, but since it’s for a boat let’s charge 10x as much.

    That’s one sweet boat you have. It’s awesome all that is just at your fingertips. At least once weekly, my husband’s talks about his dream to run charter fishing co. in Florida when he retires.

    • Ha Ha, yes, anything “marine grade” or “medical grade” is 100x more expensive.. In the end it rusts just as quickly as the non-marine grade.

      My Dad also talks about starting a charter business. Right now he and my husband are on a “lets move to the Keys” kick. I would LOVE to live in the Keys, but right now is not the best time to just up and move.

  3. Great pictures! I haven’t been to Florida for a long time and they make me want to take a trip there.

    It is so crazy that the kids are going back to school now! I am super out of touch, I didn’t even think about how late in the summer it was until I read that.

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