two wins

I had a slightly stressful Monday morning. A few months ago we switched our car insurance from State Farm to Allstate. It was a sad move, because I had been with State Farm so long. But, they kept raising our rates and that is no bueno. We had some issues w/ the lienholder, and the insurance company this morning, but thankfully Chris worked it out. I was about to go apesh*t on someone but Chris took it over and handled it. Thanks Babe.

plan it out then work it out

Monday morning I spent 60 minutes seconds planning out my work-out agenda for this week.

Monday : 4 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles + weights
Wednesday: 3 mi
Thursday: 5 mi
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 miles + weights
Sunday: weights

I really, really need to start increasing the length of my runs. I can’t run 3-4 miles through out my entire training for this half-marathon.

My knees are feeling better; I’m not having any stiffness or soreness afterwards, and they don’t hurt when I squat down. So, that’s progress.

We’ll see how this weeks plan plays out. I think my weekend plans might get in the way of any working out (I know, I know..again?)   Yes. There are some plans in the works for this weekend. There will be exercise, but it won’t be running or weights. More on that later this week.

Daily work out

Monday after work I hit up Bed,Bath & Beyond for some new towels. Chris told me it’s time for new towels. The ones we have are old, and have been washed and bleached more than any towel should. I had $40 in gift cards for BBB so I bought 4 nice towels, and then 2 other cheapy towels just because they were only $5/ea.

When I got home I changed into my running clothes, turned on the TV and jumped on the treadmill. The “plan” says I am supposed to run 4 miles today, and 4 miles is what I did.

I watched the Real World challenge, “The Rivals” – It was pretty interesting/stupid so the 4 miles went by fairly quickly. I didn’t have any knee pain, or anything weird going on so it was pretty uneventful. (just the way I like it). After 4 miles was complete, I hopped off and did 10 push ups.

When I complete a run on the treadmill I feel like I’m winning 2 times. One time because I conquered the treadmill. Two times because I actually ran. FTW!!

I get a gold star for Monday’s work out plan!

Winner Winner Chicken dinner

Welp, we had mahi-mahi again for dinner last night. We de-thawed the entire bag on Sunday so we have to eat it all this week. uh, yay?

Last night Chris seasoned it with Old Bay and some Creole seasoning then grilled the fish. For a side we had steamed broccoli (again) and I sautéed up some zucchini & onion. I forgot we had the zucchini in the fridge so I needed to use it up quickly before it went bad.



Tonight I have an event after work, so I’m hoping that I’ll get home early enough to go for a run outside. I haven’t run outside in a 2-3 weeks. That is lame.

Livin’ life, one vacation at a time! Winking smile


5 thoughts on “two wins

  1. What’s the date of your half?
    My first half is in 11 weeks – yes, I marked it on my calendar – so I need to kick up my training.
    I did a 6 mile run last night, felt good. Plan a 3-4 mile run tonight.
    It’s so hot and humid out though, so at least running the mill keeps you out of that.
    20+ miles a week is respectable. What’s your goal distance per week?

    • I am running the Women’s Half in St Pete on Nov 20something.. Are you doing one of the Chris Lauber halfs? I think I might do the halloween one as a training run.

      I would like to get to 20-25mpw .. we’ll see. My knees start to get cranky with higher mileage weeks, so I’m trying to go slowly. My running plan for this week is pretty high mileage compared to what I’ve been running, so we’ll see.

  2. Mahiiii yum!

    So glad that your knees are doing so much better! Your mileage is really increasing so I think it is fab that there is no pain coming along with it! Woohoo! 🙂 🙂

    I always go ballistic on people.. like customer service people.. that really have no control over my current problem. Although I have gotten MUCH better then I used to be.. remember the point that they usually have no control over my insurance rates for example. They did not single handedly decide to raise the overall rate of CT drivers. haha.

    • this mess with the insurance was totally their fault. They didn’t put the lienholder of chris truck when they signed us up for the policy.. then they didn’t send over some paper work to the lienholder.

  3. Lately life has just gotten in the way of any working out for me plus I was sick. I know I shouldnt use that as an excuse when I have a treadmill at home but things have just been sucky lately. Hoping next week I get back on track.

    That dinner looks delicious!! I normally cook with my family and they would never go for just something like that.. They think if there isnt anything over processed then the meal isnt complete.

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