“This is an awesome Sunday.”

This was a pretty great weekend. The only bad thing about the weekend is that I didn’t work out. at all. For some reason I can’t find time to work out on the weekends. This is going to be an issue when I need to be doing long runs.

Saturday I went to Clermont to celebrate my Papa’s 81st birthday! My Papa suffers from Alzheimers, so it was kind of bitter-sweet. It was good to see him, but it was sad to see that he didn’t remember me, or my sister, and most of my cousins. I’m not really sure who he recognizes, if anyone.

I stayed at the party w/ my sister and nephew until 7ish and then we headed back to Stacey’s to pick up some stuff before we headed out to my cousins house to hang out a little bit longer.

Unfortunately I don’t get to see Dad’s family that often, and Saturday night was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the time and hang out. I ended up staying the night at my Sister’s since we were out so late with the cousins.

I came home early Sunday morning so I could take advantage of Chris’ day off. I had it in my head since Friday that I wanted to go to the beach sometime this weekend so I was SUPER excited when Chris agreed to go with me on Sunday!


I made it home  around 8:30, and we started the “which beach” debate. That’s a horrible debate to have, right? Winking smile  Finally after a few minutes of debating I threw Chris’ board shorts at him and then went to change into my swim suit.

I packed a cooler of snacks, water & beer, a book for me, 2 for Chris & we were headed out the door. We didn’t have anything on hand to take for lunch so we hit up a publix on our way to the beach where we grabbed a foot long sub to split, a bowl of fruit and a snack size pretzel/hummus combo. – Maybe it’s because subs are so easy, but subs & the beach seem to go hand-in-hand for us. What’s your go-to food for a beach day? Or… hiking, or whatever outdoor activity you do?


Chris walking from the parking lot to the beach

Honeymoon Island is nice, but it’s not my favorite beach. It’s more shell(y) than sandy. It hurts my feet, (wahh). The water is not clear by any stretch of the imagination and honestly the murkiness freaks me out a little. I feel like I’m swimming in toxic water or something. I know, that’s weird.


See the three colors of water? The first color is the “toxic” water that freaks me out!

Thankfully there are plenty of beaches located with in 1 – 2 hrs of us, so I don’t have to go to H.M.I.  …. what a spoiled brat I am.

When at the beach I am content to just lay out, and swim a little bit. Chris gets bored quickly just laying out and like to walk the beach and see if he can find any cool shells or rocks.



My favorite conversation of the day:

Chris: “ This is pretty awesome, babe.”
me: “what?”
Chris: “Sitting on the beach, drinking a beer, and you’re reading a book. This is a pretty awesome Sunday.”

Well said Babe, well said.


We didn’t stay very long. It was really super hot, and the water wasn’t all that inviting. It’s not a far drive to the beach so I’m quite content to just hang out for a few hours. Another crappy thing about Honeymoon Island is that it’s $8 to park. ick. It’s a state park so I believe that has something to do with it.



Quick side note: Right now Chris & I are watching Shark Week on-demand. OH.EM.GEE. We are watching Shark City. As a shark lover, this show was seriously amazing. It follows two sharks as they swim around looking for food. It names quite a few species of sharks and fish. It’s pretty similar to what we saw recently when we were in the Bahamas, minus all the sharks. The show is filmed somewhere in the Bahamas. They never say where it was filmed other than, “Shark City” which is a big ship wreck some where in the Bahamas. I think it’s pretty awesome that they didn’t say where exactly it was filmed. I’m sure it can be found fairly easily, but at least the sharks/fish stand a chance for a little longer (says the girl that loves fishing). If you have on-demand channels you should definitely look for the Discovery Channel and check out Shark City.

Moving on —>

Since we were at the beach this morning, meal planning didn’t happen. Neither did grocery shopping or anything productive for that matter.

Since we have a freezer full of fish we decided to take advantage and cooked up a tasty meal of mahi-mahi, steamed broccoli & a black bean/tomato/onion concoction.

Chris seasoned the mahi-mahi with lemon pepper and salt. Then he put them on the grill and let them cook or about 15 minutes. 

I found a veggie steamer at a garage sale a few years ago and that thing was the best $15 dollar investment ever. It steams the broccoli in 20 minutes.

For the black bean concoction I used:

1 can black beans
1 tomato, chopped
1.5 yellow onion, chopped

Put everything in a bowl and season with cumin, garlic powder & red pepper flakes.

I sprayed a skillet with a little canola cooking spray and sautéed the combo. – I am seriously loving black beans right now. They are so tasty, and are pretty good source of fiber & protein.  — The combo was really tasty and would be excellent on a whole wheat wrap with a little hummus, or on a wrap by itself.



I gotta get to bed. I’ll probably have nightmares about sharks after watching this crazy shark attack show we are watching right now. Shark Week is intense.

(ps.. I know I’m about 2 weeks late on shark week. We were in the Bahamas when it was actually airing).

Hopefully tomorrow I can bang out a meal plan.

Livin’ life one salty & sandy day at a time, yo!

6 thoughts on ““This is an awesome Sunday.”

  1. Alzheimers… hate that disease so much! I know exactly what you mean about things being bitter sweet with your Papa! With a couple of family members who struggled with Alzheimer’s until them passed – it has proven to be one of the most difficult diseases for me to swallow. I can’t imagine how it must feel to live … not knowing everything that you used to know so well…. and to have experienced and witnessed the heartache that affects those who are no longer remembered.

    I am glad you had an awesome Sunday though…Chris did put it perfectly!

    • I’m not exactly sure how progressed his disease is. He was diagnosed several years ago. His sister lives w/ him & my Grandma and she helps care for him. We kind of get different stories depending on who we ask when we ask how he is doing. So it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on.

      One thing that was really cool was that he still feeds the catfish at the end of his dock. I totally forgot to blog about this. duh. They live on a lake and every evening he goes out and feeds the catfish old bread. He’s been doing this for YEARRRRRRS. The catfish are HUGE. I’ll post a picture in the next few days, my sister got some great pictures of Papa out on the dock with the younger kids feeding the fish.

      I think for 81, and having alzheimers he seems to be doing pretty well.

  2. I always tear up at stories of advanced Alzheimers because I hate knowing that that’s where my Mom is heading some day. She’s 57 and the thought of her forgetting us in a couple of years is so scary. I’m sorry to hear about your Papa. I am sure that, even when he struggles to remember, he can feel the love you all have for him.

    And OMG, I miss Publix subs so much! That used to always be our go to beach lunch. Now I’m really feeling pangs of missing Florida! That does sound like an awesome Sunday!

  3. That sounds like a perfect Sunday! How cool is it that you have so many beaches to choose from?!?!

    Really sad about your Papa. My grandmother struggled with Alzheimer’s for years and it was so difficult when she didn’t remember us, especially for my mom. So sad.

    • The best thing about Florida is the beaches. the bugs & the old people suck, but the beaches makes it worth it.. plus it doesn’t snow 😉

  4. lol I like Chris’ idea of awesome 🙂

    I have this weird thing about ocean water now.. I dont like swimming in it.. Used to love it but now Im just freaked out.

    I want to try black bean burgers.. I love black beans and end up cooking them a lot, but normally just as a side. I tried some black bean brownies once that were real good.

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