weights vs reps, reps vs weights?

How come when I get home all I want to do is snack? I’ll snack until I’m miserable. I’ll snack until I’m full and don’t really need to eat dinner. It’s stupid, and out of control. I really need to work on getting that handled. ugh.


While I was searching for lifting work outs I came across this blog. He had a video for some upper body exercises that can be done at home. 

In the video he says that you don’t have to use heavy weights, that light (10-15lbs) are sufficient because you aren’t trying to build bulk, but endurance.

He says repetitions > weight.   True or False? I think it probably depends on what your goals are. I want to be able to pick Chris up and throw him across the room. jk

I don’t know enough about weight lifting to really have an opinion on this. What do you think? I think that I want to be able to lift heavier weights. Right now I can only use 5lb for any length of time. I would love to be able to work up to heavier weights- that’s my goal.

Daily work out

All day Friday I was trying to decide what I wanted to do today. Run? Circuit? DVD? Decisions, decisions. I have this debate way to often. I need to get back to making a weekly work out plan. (Or get a training schedule.)

I decided to do a combo of running & weights.

I started on the treadmill and ran three miles. Then I did an upper body work out:

I got this work out from the RunnerDude link above:

2 sets of 15 with 5lbs weights

dumb bell shoulder press
alternating bicep curls
standing tricep kickbacks
dumb bell running swings
push ups
(2 sets of 10)
reverse dumb bell fly – this one is really hard for me. my right shoulder always makes this popping sound; kind of scares me.
crunches on stability ball

after the weights I did 1 last mile.

Total miles: 4 in 37:32


Friday nights dinner strayed away from my meal plan just a little. I needed to use up the chicken I bought, but making stuffed chicken breasts sounded way more labor intensive than I was ready to do.

I wanted something quick & easy.. and by that I mean, quick & easy for me Winking smile 
I put some chicken breasts in a bowl and covered them in buffalo sauce. Then when Chris got home he put them on the grill. I also sautéed up some onion, tomatoes, & green peppers.

Once the chicken was done we sliced it up and put it on a wrap for a buffalo chicken wrap. freakin’ yum! That chicken was slammin’



I gotta get going. I’m going to Clermont today to see friends & family! Woot!

Livin’ life, YO


7 thoughts on “weights vs reps, reps vs weights?

  1. At CrossFit we do higher weight with less repetition. They target different muscle groups everyday with 8-10 exercises. Usually 5 are weight exercises and the rest are cardio and they are all mixed up. Then we do 4 rounds of these exercises (usually for time). Most CF people (that I’ve seen anyway) have a much leaner build rather than huge and they are very strong. The elite CF people that do competitions are usually a bit bigger but I think they incorporate heavier lifting into their routines. If you look at my pictures in my heavy lifting post I don’t think I look huge but I lift heavier and am constantly trying to move up in weight. I haven’t read New Rules of Lifting For Women but I think that subscribes to the same idea. Heavier weight, less reps. You can probably find good arguments for both high weight / low rep and low weight / high rep.

  2. Yes it’s true that if you do high reps, low weight you’re only helping your endurance. And while that’s a good thing, you also want to lift heavy weights at low reps to get past those 5lbs. You won’t bulk up and you’ll see better results this way. I usually do 8-10 reps with the last two pretty much going to failure. And that chicken looks amazing btw!

  3. I have seen HUGE changes is my body (definitely upper body for sure) since I started lifting heavy. I have gained some bulk but I don’t think it makes me look manly at all. I got my very first compliment on my arms/upper body this weekend and that made it all worth it!

  4. I snack more on days that I dont run/workout.. I eat more junk on those days too..

    I would say up the weights if you are wanting to get stronger.. but also step it back a notch sometimes and use smaller ones…

    I need to strengthen my upper body.. my goal is to just lift my kid without struggling lol

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