mish mash squish squash bing bang boom

We are so close to the weekend I can hardly sit still!

I didn’t work out today. I had every intention of doing laundry, and cleaning up the house. The kitchen got picked up, and the bathrooms cleaned, but that’s as far as I got. oops.

We took Diva & Wyatt for a walk, they were happy about that. Then I came home and made some blueberry muffins, mmmmm mmmmm! I went to Dunkin donuts this morning because I forgot my iced coffee at home in my fridge. While I was there I was hardcore eying those yummy blueberry muffins. Oh man, I wanted one SOOO bad. I passed them up and decided I would make some of Cait’s yummy blueberry muffins.

blueberry muffins

Oh man. They are so delicious. Of course I had to test one out tonight, and probably will have to test another one out with breakfast!

Last night we went out to dinner and had shrimp & nachos. Quite the combination there, huh? I had started dinner when my Dad called to see if we wanted to go out. So, I finished making dinner then put it in tupperwares for Chris to take to lunch with him.

I stuck to my dinner plan and made Pasta with Mexican black bean sauce. I don’t have any pictures, you can check out the link to see a yummy looking picture.

Chris doesn’t mind black beans, he actually likes them. But, when he sees them in the food processer he starts to get nervous. He doesn’t love black bean burgers, and usually food processor + black beans = black bean burgers. So last night when he saw me making dinner he was a little nervous. Then when he opened his lunch today he thought, “oh my gosh, what is this?” He said he was so hungry he didn’t care. (ha!) Chris said he added a little water to soften up the black beans and then heated up his lunch.

He said he was surprised at how good the meal was. (WINNING!).

Tonight he had it again for dinner, except tonight he added some salsa. Once again he said it was delicious! I think we can include this meal as a regularly planned meal. Thanks for a great recipe, Branny!


Around the blog world I have seen a few bloggers that will post random pictures that were taken on their phones. I like this idea, so I’m copying and I’m going to dump a few random pictures here.


My darling nephew. Who knows why he has a mask on while he’s eating.


This is so inappropriate but it seriously makes me crack up. That zucchini was HUGE.


Those glasses were large & in charge, right D?


spell check. they can’t even spell. I don’t want them cutting my hair!


Waiting for the elevator at work. Scrubs are so hawt.

jena tattoo

not on my phone, but random just the same. Getting my tattoo. 6 yrs ago. I still have those jeans, and I still wear them. uhm. yah.

jena fish papas 2

I am a legit fisherwoman. I’ve been fishin’ since 1987 dudes. Oh, and please check out my watch. B/c you know I could tell time at the age of 3. genius.

jena fish ohio

You want me to cast your line out for you? Sure. Been doin’ that since the early 90’s. (this is in Ohio. not florida. we don’t have fields like that)

jena indian dance

2nd on the left. I’ll bust a move for ya – This costume would probably not be allowed these days. somebody would be screaming discrimination or something. I was also a pilgrim, and a spider. Oh, and a bumble bee.


I gotta go to bed. I fell asleep on the couch this morning after I ate breakfast. I woke up at 8. Uh, I have to leave for work at 8:30. Let’s just say I went to work with greasy hair. oops. Good thing we didn’t see patient’s today and I only saw the Dr for about 5 minutes.

livin’ life, one crazy picture at a time. bam.


5 thoughts on “mish mash squish squash bing bang boom

  1. Love the pictures! Your tattoo pic reminds me of getting mine done (lord only knows why we didn’t think to take pics) but instead mine is on my right hip.

  2. I actually managed to get a short workout in today. I knew if I didnt do it early enough then it wouldnt happen.

    I love black beans but have never tried the burgers. I really want to try it.

    That zucchini picture cracks me up everytime I see it.

    Your scrub top is adorable.

    I had no clue you had a tat.. Im curious now what it is of.

    And finally.. cute costumes! Im sure you would NOT want me to bust a move.

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