The big “C” word!

Happy Sunday Friends! We will resume to normal blogging now. I’m done pouting over the fact that the hurricane dissipated on Thursday and we totally could have spent Thursday& Friday fishing.

Moving on: So, the “gym” in the Bahamas was lacking. Working out didn’t happen at all. Running didn’t happen either. I’m looking forward to getting back on track this week.

I’ve been wanting to join a gym for quite some time now. I kept putting it off and trying to forget about it because we really didn’t need to spend the extra money. I have a treadmill at home so I can’t really use the excuse that I needed to have access to a treadmill. Plus, how many times do people join a gym and then never use the membership. Heck, I’m guilty of that myself.twice. Two different gyms, two different times of my life.. two different reasons for joining. Same story; went for a little while then quit going.

I love running, but my knees do not. The wear & tear on my knees is not good, and I feel like I need to have an alternative to running. Of course I can do on-demand work outs in my living room, and I can buy workout DVDs and workout along side Jillian & Bob.. but let’s be realistic, those get old fast. It only takes doing those videos a few times regularly before you have the routine memorized, and you could practically lead the class. 

I also want to learn how to swim (laps). I know how to swim, but I don’t know the different between the breast stroke,freestyle, butterfly, and isn’t there another kind of stroke? If I were to join the YMCA they have a pool @ the campus close to my office and I could swim there.

Chris & I went over to the Y today to check out the facility and to find out how much their membership fees are. Our choices in this area are Gold’s & the Y. Gold’s doesn’t have a pool, and it would cost more for both of us to join.

We liked the Y, the pool area was nice & clean. They have a pretty large variety of classes to choose from through out the day. They open at 5:30am, so I could go before work, if I wanted. They close at 10, so that’s plenty of time for Chris & I to get a gym sesh in together.

I want to join. I really do. The problem? I’m afraid to commit.

Another good thing about the Y is that there is no contract! So quitting is easier, lol. Just kidding. I don’t want to quit. I want to get into weight lifting, and the group classes. I’ve been interested in weight lifting for a while, but it’s kind of hard to do it in your living room.

I think we’ve decided to join. We’ll probably go some time this week to sign-up. I’m excited, and nervous all at the same time.

Do you have a gym membership? What’s your favorite thing about your gym?

Getting’ fit, and livin’ life!


11 thoughts on “The big “C” word!

  1. glad that hurricane is finally gone!

    im not really a fan of gyms unless it’s freezing cold or just way too hot outside. but with the FL heat and crazy rainstorms, i think a gym membership would be worth it. Do they have any Groupons or livingsocials for a cheap 1 month gym membership down there? that might be your best bet instead of signing on for a contract.

    • The good thing about the Y is that there is no contract. It’s a month-to-month membership. I did see a groupon today for Gold’s, but they don’t have a pool and I’m really interested in swimming.

  2. Ive never had a gym membership. Id love to join one if they had babysitting services and a pool, but otherwise I dont really want to join one. Ive worked out in gyms before (apartments I lived in) but it wasnt consistent. I enjoy running because I run from my front door and dont have to drive anywhere first in order to begin working out.

    • The Y that we are going to join has childcare, and of course the pool. The Gold’s that I used to go to also had childcare. I think the Y has quite a few programs for kids. We didn’t check it out since we don’t have kids – but the Dr I work for has a membership to the Y and his son does some of the programs that they offer.

      I love running, and I enjoy not having to go anywhere to run- but my knees are seriously protesting lately so I need some other options.

  3. We used to be members of the Y before we switched to the local gym (and now CrossFit gym too). Now that there are a some nice Y’s in the area with pools we’ll probably cancel our local gym. I’m getting interested in trying a triathlon and we need a pool (that our current gym doesn’t have). Of course I’ll never give up CF!

    I think you would really like the Y, especially the group classes. Plus they have all different free weights so you could try NROLFW.

    • I am also interested in Tri’s… i never thought I’d say that! Swimming in open water scares the shit out of me.. i mean open water with a bunch of other people.. obviously swimming in the ocean doesn’t scare me. The great thing about the Y is that you can go to any Y in the bay area! So we could do a brick workout together. Meet @ a tampa/clearwater Y and do something together.

      • Yes! Jena has already hit me up! Let’s swim together. It’s so fun.

        Breast, back, fly, free…. Those are the 4 strokes!

  4. The y was the first gym I ever belonged to and I really liked it. I didnt swim…or even take classes, but I played basketball every time I went to prep for my senior bball season!!
    Now I belong to an la fitness and I love having the option to work out at the gym or outside. I can use the ellipticals if I have been runnin to much…plus it is always good to try new things. The main reason we switched to la was for classes (we were at planet fitness before$

    You’ll be fine win the big c!

  5. The only gym I’ve ever belonged to was the YMCA, oh, and the campus gym that was jut for students at the UW.

    The first time I signed up with a friend and we worked out regularly – but on the elliptical and such, at that point in my life a mile was a long way to run! Then we moved out of town and I dropped the membership.

    Next I was at the campus gym…still mostly elliptically and some lifting. Running was still hard and for crazy people! Just before I graduated I picked up running but not in the gym…I preferred to run outside.

    Then at some point I decided I want to start lifting weights and trying out classes – I headed to the local Y. I sucked at lifting weights but I got addicted to spin classes. I dropped the membership to move out of state.

    I definitely recommend the Y, especially if you have a decent one near you. And check out some spin classes – totally worth it, especially for cross training as a runner who has hateful knees!

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