This is my pouty face



We are back. Thanks to Hurricane Emily …. Oh. wtf. Just looked at wunderground and discovered that “hurricane/tropical storm emily” DOESN’T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH – Apparently it hit Haiti and petered out.  Oh man. I have mixed emotions about that. Obviously I don’t want to get the Bahamas to get pounded by a hurricane, but gosh darn’t I should still be there snorkeling & fishing my heart out!

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days we were there. I heard that more than one person was starting to get worried because I hadn’t updated. It’s okay friends/family, we are safe! Thanks for being concerned though!

So, what did we do the last few days. Fished. Fished. snorkeled for lobster, and fished some more. Oh, we also went to the casino one night. I won $30. holla! The casino was a sad sight; there was hardly anyone there. The last time we were there (2008) it was packed.. so packed you could hardly find a seat at the 3-card poker table, or the roulette table.

Jeremy with his first speared fish
A sea turtle that was on one of the rocks
See the shark?
Chris & Dale snorkeling on a rock. See the rock underneath them?

I created a new photobucket account so that I could upload all my vacation pictures for you to see, if you care. Don’t worry, there are only a little over 200. I wish I would have, and could have taken more.. but once you’ve seen one strawberry grouper, you’ve seen them all. We caught a boatload of strawberry grouper so the pictures would have gotten repetitive.

I am on the hunt for an underwater-digital camera. I bought a disposable one, and it was fine, but I prefer to have a permanent one. Although, Jeremy & Aaron both had an olympus waterproof camera and they both crapped out before the trip was over. any suggestions for good underwater-digital cameras?

Purple fans located in the deeper water @ Gingerbread on the South side of the island.

These fish are actually in the shallow water on the North side of the island.

On Wednesday we headed out to the Gingerbread Grounds (south side of the island) to go fishing and dive for the bigger lobster. (btw.. I totally forgot to take any pictures of lobster. what a dope).  Gingerbread is about 41 miles from the marina where we stayed. (It’s 79 miles from the marina back to Florida!!) The water on the south side of the island is much deeper than on the North side (where we went diving here and here). It was also really cloudy when we went to gingerbread so seeing rocks was impossible. We looked for shallow spots and rocky bottom on the bottom finder and then got out and explored the area.


We found quite a few big lobster, and a few fish. The picture above, with the purple fan, is from the gingerbread grounds. The pictures aren’t as bright because it was so cloudy, and the water was about 20ft deep opposed to the water on the north side is between 8-13 feet deep.


Extended periods of time in the sun will make a person go a little crazy. Our days averaged between 9-12 hours on the boat. uhm, yes. For real.

One day we spend a lot of time running away from storms. Storms are so amazing to see on the ocean, but they are not much fun to be stuck in. On Tuesday we spent a lot of time running around storms. We did get to see some amazing clouds, and a really awesome water spout!




If you look closely you can see two funnel clouds coming out of the top of the clouds. If you look on the water right below the funnel on the right you can see a small spout coming off the water.


Here you can see the spout almost connects all the way up to the clouds.


Headed for the hole in the storm. There were multiple storms that kept connecting and making giant storms.


just a pretty fish. Queen Trigger Fish



Unfortunately the fish/shark broke off, so I don’t know what it was.. I’m thinking shark. The way it was pulling out drag..and the fact that everyone else was catching sharks makes me think it was a shark. It was a fun fight even if I didn’t get to see what it was!

Gotta get to bed. I’m exhausted from doing nothing buy laying on the couch all day.


Live yo’ life, Mon


5 thoughts on “This is my pouty face

  1. Oh, that sucks you had to head home early! I heard about Emily on the radio while driving between WI and CO…I thought of you, but didn’t think you might have to head home early.
    Enjoy the rest of your time off work!

  2. Whoa whoa whoa! Love all the pics. The underwater ones are awesome. I have no clue on a camera though, but I have heard of boxes that you can get for your camera. I dunno what they are called. Basically the box is waterproof and you stick your hands inside something like gloves, but Im not sure how it would work with swimming around with a box lol

    So… what causes the water spouts?

    • I really don’t know what causes a water spout. It’s basically just a water tornado- so whatever causes tornados probably causes water spouts?

      I have heard of boxes to go over regular cameras, but it seems like it would be so bulky. I don’t have any trips planned that I would need an underwater camera, so I have some time to research them for a good one.

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