Toes in the water

Oh man. I’m stuffed full of fish, lobster, & conch fritters. mmmmmmmmmm! I love conch fritters. I’ve been talking about eating conch fritters for weeks, I finally got some today, yum!

Oh, did I tell you that yesterday I ate raw conch? We found a conch shell yesterday on the flats so Dale cracked it open and let me try some raw conch. It was good, it kind of tastes like crab meat. Everyone else said it tastes like almonds, but I don’t like almonds so I disagree w/ that review.


Today we went over to the North side of the island to spear lobster & fish. Today was the first day of lobster season!! The lobster regulations say you can get 10 lobster per boat – that sucks, but it is what it is. The rules have changed quite a bit in the last several years. The first several times we/I came over here it was a per/person limit.




We spent a good portion of our day running away from storms Sad smile  — Storms are really pretty cool to see while you are out on the boat. It stinks to get stuck in them, but they are neat to see.

Today we saw two water spouts! Very cool!




On our way back in we got stopped by the Bahamian “Defense Force.” It’s the same thing as the FWC (Florida Wildlife Commission) – they check your boat for illegal fish/lobster. This is actually the first time we’ve ever seen them checking boats.

I was nervous. Not because we had anything illegal, but it’s just a nerve-wracking thing. I don’t have any pictures… I didn’t think that would really be appropriate. We do have video of them catching up with us. I might be able to post that in a few weeks when all the video footage is edited.


There isn’t really much to report today. We went diving for lobster all day. literally all day. We left around 7:45am, and got back to the marina around 7:30. That is a super long day in the sun. Snorkeling is pretty exhausting, especially when the current is pushing you all over the place.



Live yo’ life, Mon


4 thoughts on “Toes in the water

  1. Your vacation sounds so cool, especially the part about driving your boat to another country!?!?! I am still awestruck by that concept! The huge amount of seafood that you are getting to eat sounds pretty good to me as well.

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