A good tan always includes raccoon eyes

I wrote this post on Sunday night, but the internet wasn’t working so I couldn’t post it until Monday morning.. pretend like you are reading it Sunday night. 


Another day has come & gone. I hate that. How come vacation days always go by so quickly?


I am getting serious raccoon eyes from those babies! – It’s storming behind me, see it?
My old navy long sleeve shirts are definitely saving me from some sunburn! Getting in & out of the water makes it hard to keep sunscreen on – with these long sleeve shirts I only have to remember to keep it on my face & legs.


Today we went to the north side of the island to go spearfishing. Lobster season starts on August 1st, so today we couldn’t look @ lobster, but we couldn’t spear them.. I guess you could, but you run the risk of getting caught…and let’s face it. No one wants to go to jail in a foreign country, or get huge fines while on vacation.

We headed out around 8am and our first stop was Port Lucaya to get ice & gas.



I heard that Pirates & the Caribbean was filmed in Port Lucaya and that this might have been one of the boats in the movie??

Then we were on our way to the cut to go through the island to the North side.


The water on the north side of the island is much more shallow than on the south side of the island. It makes spearing fish & lobster a heckuva lot easier.

In the Bahamas you can not use dive tanks to spear anything; this means you have to snorkel on top, and then dive down to spear. (I will have video of this in a few weeks. Jeremy has to edit all of the video first).

I love to fish, but snorkeling and seeing all the fish is my favorite part of the trip. My favorite, favorite, favorite part is seeing sharks. For the most part we just see nurse sharks lounging around the rocks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another kind of shark just swimming around. (I’ve caught other species of sharks, but never seen them when I’ve been in the water).


Chris looks like he is getting ready to go down & spear something. It’s hard to see, but he’s holding a yellow spear and he has the black rubber band cocked back so when he dives down he can let go & it will (hopefully)spear a fish!


Jeremy has a mutton snapper on the end of his spear! (That was his first “Catch”!)


That’s me & my dad checking out the scene. I think this was the big rock that had a few lobster on it, and a bunch of shark. I get so excited when I see sharks! Seriously, makes me pee a little. Winking smile

Basically we just drive around the north side looking for dark spots with a white ring around them. The dark spot is a rock, and the white around it is usually a path where the fish swim around the rock. They are “donut holes.” When we see a dark spot we stop, put on snorkel gear, and bail off the side of the boat In hopes that there is a big fish (or lots of lobster) on the rock.

I have an underwater camera, but it’s old school and will require me to take it to the store and get the film developed. ( who does that these days?)

At the end of the day Jeremy decides to tell me that his digital camera is also an underwater camera. I didn’t even know such a thing existed! This is definitely on my MUST HAVE list! I think I spend enough time on the water & at the beach to justify a nice underwater camera!

On the last rock we dove on there were quite a few sharks and some good lobster. I took Jeremy’s camera and snapped a few pictures!!






There were 4 or 5 of these cute nurse sharks just chilling in the rocks. I’m not sure exactly how big they were. I’m guessing between 4 –5 feet..maybe?

lobster underwater


Once we get back to Florida I will create a flickr album that has all of our pictures. It’s impossible right now to upload any amount of pictures. I’ll be happy if I can just get this post uploaded tonight!

Monday will be another day spent on the North side of the island. Lobster season opens and we have some lobsters to catch! Yum!


Live yo’ life, Mon


8 thoughts on “A good tan always includes raccoon eyes

  1. What awesome pictures! I want an underwater digital camera too, I had no idea that they existed. Today my snorkel, mask, and fins are supposed to arrive with my shipment from home, this weekend we might head south of here to snorkel around some ancient submerged temples…Atlantis style. 🙂

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    • I love seeing sharks in the water, I think it’s sooooooooo cool! There is this huge crater that we go to (I didn’t get pictures this year) that always has some sharks in it. this year I was snorkeling around and didn’t see anything so I got back in the boat. Then my Dad started hollering that there was a reef shark swimming around. I put my snorkel stuff back on so fast and bailed over board. We swam around until we found him again! SOOOOOO cool! Usually we just see nurse sharks! My Dad wasn’t to thrilled about snorkeling around with that shark so we got back in the boat as soon as we found him, but I thought it was so awesome!

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