Are we therr yet

Omg. We’ve been driving forever. The downside of living in the West coast is that it takes frickin’ forever to get to the east coast!!

My knees get achy after a few minutes which makes long car rides even more enjoyable. My contacts are dry and I have no clue where my case or solution is. Ugjjhhh – I could keep bitching, but I’ll spare.

It’s 11:15 and we’ve been in the car since 7. Not cool!

You know what else is not cool? Blogging from an iPhone. The fact that we can’t find a radio station to come in also sucks.

The next time u here from me I’ll be sippin’ on a goombay punch poolside!

Live yo’ life mon!


5 thoughts on “Are we therr yet

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  2. Um dry contacts are the Bain of my existence…. And I seem to deal with them on a daily basis. Worst feeling ever!!!

    You are surely on the boat by now… So I hope you have a safe ride over and barrels of fun on vaca!!!

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