So easy a caveman could do it…

Thanks for letting me vent yesterday. I know many runners have felt the way I feel at some point during their running career. It’s nice to know I’m not alone, even if I feel alone and a little bit cray-cray!

Daily work out

After work I came right home, put my running clothes on and jumped on the treadmill for a good sweat session. I ran 4 miles in 36:30 while watching Combat Hospital. I’m a sucker for any type of military or hospital show. Put them together and I’m a viewer for life! My run was really good, and it went by really quick. My right knee was a little achy, but that’s par for the course these days.

After my run I strapped frozen veggies to my knees and made dinner. Thank you ace-wraps! I forgot to take pictures, but I promise it looked as stupid as it sounds. But, it did the trick, and I was mobile and not stuck laying on the couch.

Two recipes that are so easy cavemen could do them:

With our trip in just a few days I don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking dinner. This week is a week of easy, and quick meals. Probably not the healthiest of meals, but hey, whatever.

Chicken & Yellow Rice: This is one of Chris’ favorites. He even said, “Thanks babe for making me some good soul food.”  Lol, I don’t know if chicken & yeller counts as soul food, but that’s okay.

1.25lb of chicken thighs.  I use the ones w/ skin & bones – but you can them boneless & skinless
16oz bag of long grain yellow rice.. short grain is for the birds. it never softens up
Seasonings- I use Ms. Dash southwest chipotle & garlic powder

1. Cook chicken thighs in a pot of water w/ seasonings until done.
2. Once chicken is cooked take thighs out of water and let them cool in another bowl. I run them under water to let them cool faster. don’t dump out the pot of water.. unless this grosses you out, then you can – but the rice tastes yummy if you cook it in the same water the chicken boiled in.
3. Let the rice start to cook while the chicken is boiling – you can either start the rice w/ new water or use the water used to boil the chicken.
4. Once the chicken has cooled down I take the skin off and then shred it into pieces off the bone and mix it in with the rice
5. Cook rice & chicken together until rice is done
6. DIG IN.


looks like mush- but I swear it’s good.

Spicy Chicken & veggie Quesadilla: I made this Tuesday night. Pretty simple & straight fwd.

1lb chicken breasts
crystal hot sauce
green pepper- chopped
red pepper- chopped
yellow onion- chopped
whole wheat wrap
olive oil
shredded cheese- mexican blend
a smidge of butter

1. Boil chicken breasts in water. Add crystal sauce for flavor. I didn’t measure, I just dumped some in the pot.
2. While chicken is boiling saute up veggies in olive oil
3. When chicken is done boiling remove from water and shred with forks
4. put a smidge of butter in a pan big enough to brown the whole wheat wrap.
    place wrap in pan, add some veggies, chicken and cheese.
    let the wrap heat up a little then take that wrap off the pan
place other wrap on pan and let it brown a little
then I put the 2nd wrap on top of the veggie/cheese/chicken mixture and put the whole thing back in the pan and let it heat up a little to melt the cheese and make both wraps crispy (did that even make sense?) 

I couldn’t write my own cookbook. #1. I’m not creative enough #2. I’m horrible @ explaining things.


Voila! Two “I don’t have hours to stand in the kitchen and cook” recipes that are delish, not so healthy, and easy to make.

Gotta go friends. The Dogs need to go out, the floor needs a good sweeping, the laundry needs to be changed, and the Hubs is hollering for me to come to bed!

Go big or Go Home

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