On the stinkin’ bandwagon

First things first, do you fart in front of your husband/significant other?

My Mom probably just fell off her chair laughing. Or she is just sitting there staring at the screen with this, “what did she just say” look on her face.. Maybe she’ll chime in and tell us her reaction.. Mom?

Okay, but why I ask is this… I don’t. I think it was years before Chris heard me fart..is that weird? He is totally not shy about farting, but I just can’t do it.. .. I mean, duh, I don’t fart anyways, but If I did I wouldn’t let him hear. — Well. This morning I was walking down the stairs in front of Chris and I let one slip.. so I busted out with, “I farted.”   LOL… Chris said, “I heard it.”

Weird, right? If he pointed it out it would have been much worse, but since I pointed it out it didn’t seem as bad….


I know I’m like 8 years late on this but have you been on Pinterest? OH good grief, what a time-sucker that is! Like I don’t already have enough things that suck up my time I joined pinterest last week or the week before and now I’m sucked into looking at pretty things. seeeee  (sorry, there will be no kind of health & fitness anything in this post) I didn’t work out today. The doggie sitters came to meet Diva & Wyatt today. They were here for a few hours so that took up my evening…moving on to my pinterest love.

I would like to live here. Kthanxbai

That is just cute!

I absolutely LOVE this room! I would love a bed frame like that!

That’s funny, I don’t care who ya are.

Happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “On the stinkin’ bandwagon

  1. Hahah I love your fart story. Sadly – farting is way to accepted in our household. I don’t want it to be that way.. but with my IBS-C probs.. I really don’t have control and CAN’T hold them in when I its bad. It is gross. Justin… definitely forces em out. Hahah I am laughing just thinking about this.

    I have never been on pintrest. At this point, I think I should stay away… i have too many things taking over my life.

  2. Chris hates it when I fart around him, but I do it anywhere. I grew up in a household where farting and burping contests happened on a regular basis. Heck, it is part of the hazing process to get accepted into my mom’s side of the family! Chris very rarely farts in front of me…I think its weird.

    And the subwoofer photo – I laughed, and made Chris come look at it…apparently I thought it was much funnier than he did! Ha!

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