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8.5 more days until I’m getting my fish on!!

I am really starting to question my decision to sign up for the Women’s Half Marathon so early. I never sign up for races this early, what was I thinking? Impulse decision? I think I saved $10 by signing up early and signing up on a team.

I’m really wondering how I’m going to run 13 miles. Yah, I’ve done it before. twice. But my knees are really acting up lately. — I really hate to keep talking about this knee pain, but it’s affecting my running. I know that November is still 4 months away, but that’s really not THAT long.

However, I’m getting that medal if I have to walk 13 miles. bah-leeve dat.

Daily work out

When I got home today it was sup-ah humid so I decided to hit the treadmill for a little run-a-roo. The treadmill was pretty uneventful. I started out at level 6, and bumped it around between 6 – 6.7 . My knees didn’t bother me while I was running, but they are aching like a sumbitch right now. I iced my right knee right after I ran (that’s the one that gives me the worst problem.) I don’t have enough frozen veggies to ice both knees. Maybe I should invest in actual ice packs since it seems I’ll be icing my knees for the rest of my life; or at least until some Dr. tells me I need a knee replacement.

Mush-Mush stories melt my heart and other random bits of news

A friend of mine shared the sweetest story with me today. I’ll summarize it real quick, but you can watch the video, here.  8yr old Kendall has leukemia. Her one wish it to meet Bethany Hamilton… y’know, the crazy awesome surfer from Hawaii that was attacked my a shark. She had to have her arm amputated all the way to her shoulder and she is still surfing all over the world. Bethany flew Kendall and her family to Hawaii so they could meet. My heart turned to mush…and I cried…sweetest story ever. Or at least sweetest story I’ve read today.

AND. CHECK THIS OUT! A great white shark jumped in the back of a research boat in South Africa.

Oh, and If you need a little inspiration, check out Charles Futrell. Dude is 91 and just completed is 120th triathlon. Dude will live forever at this rate!! I just hope to be able to walk at 91, much less swim, bike & run!

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2 thoughts on “mush mush heart

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that your knees are still acting up. That stinks. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone I said this but…) You might consider pulling a Chris for the Women’s Half and just get out there and run 13 on minimal training. It might be better off for your knees in the long run.

    It is super hot and humid here too. I have a feeling that I will not be running outside anytime in the next few months. Ugh.

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