Not exactly Martha Stewart

What the heck happened to Sunday? I need a 3 day weekend here, or some super strong  coffee. I guess I’ll probably have to go with the latter on this one. dang

Yesterday was a pretty great day! We slept in until around and then had fried eggs & grits for breakfast (Oh, hai bloated ass.ihateyou).

Eventually my Sister & her Boyfriend showed up, and then my Dad rolled in and the party got started. No, just kidding. We didn’t have a party, we didn’t do anything of the sort. The guys worked outside on the boat, and Sissy & I just hung out and went shopping. I had to exchange some boardshorts that I bought Chris so we went up to Ross…which then led to a trip to Bealls Outlet. I love Bealls Outlet, they have cheap cheap cheap fishing shirts there. Cheap is what you need when your husband can’t eat without managing to spill something on his shirt, or when he confuses his good shirts w/ his work shirts and they all become work shirts. ahem.

I told Sissy that I wanted to make some bleach shirts, to which she looked at me like I was a moron and said, “Did you see that somewhere or you made that up in your head.”

Whatever dude. We bought a tank top @ bealls outlet then came home and got to work.



On the back is a shark, we forgot to take a picture of that. oops.

We used cookie cutters to make the starfish and shark designs. I really wanted a palm tree, but we couldn’t find a palm tree cookie cutter. Going to have to google that soon. — Even though she made fun of me she actually wanted to make her own bleach shirt. So we went shopping again. We also went out looking for cookie cutters. We went to bealls outlet, target, old navy & kohls… no cookie cutters but we raided the bealls outlet tank top section.

DSCN8850                       DSCN8853


um. don’t look @ my kitchen behind the couch. It’s a disaster. Right after dinner & there is stuff everywhere.

DSCN8859            DSCN8860

The tan lines shirt is one of my favorites! “Show me your tan lines, and I’ll show you mine.”  That is shirt is Sissy’s though. I forgot to make one like it. Don’t worry though, I still have 3 tank tops just waiting to be brutalized.

DSCN8861    DSCN8862

The name of my Dad’s boat is “On the Run” – So our shirt says, “On the run fishing …. Where size DOES matter.”  You can also see the shark on the light blue tank (that’s mine).

They aren’t the best thing since sliced bread, but they are pretty cool. they aren’t nearly as great as if a professional did them ,but we like them and it kept us entertained for the majority of the day. They will be great tanks to wear out on the boat. Won’t matter if they get fish guts or anything else on them!!

12 days until we leave for the Bahamas!!


10 thoughts on “Not exactly Martha Stewart

  1. I’ve never seen that before! Very cute! Is it as simple as dipping a q-tip into bleach and ‘painting’ the shirt? That would be a really cute idea for races too!

  2. Whoah I’ve never heard of bleaching shirts like that! haha, that looks awesome. Might be something fun to do before a race too. And like you I’m digging the Tan Line and Size Does matter shirts best….I have a dirty mind like that 😉

  3. Are you bringing them all to the Bahamas? The nice thing about tank tops is that they fold up nice and small. They’re very cute, btw!

  4. Those are some cool shirts! Did you just use q-tips dipped in bleach to draw on the shirts? I like that idea! I just might have to get creative one day…

  5. I’m wearin my beach bum one now! I love them!! I will def be sporting them this weekend on the boat! I’m super jealous of the Bahamas but that’s okay! I can’t wait to hear ALL about it!!

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