I’m lazy, that’s why.

Do you know what happens when you eat to much junk during the day? Do you?


Well, let me tell you. Your belly hurts. I’m like a sugar-beast today. I’ve done nothing but eat junk all day long, and it’s catching up with me now. ughhhhhhh. – All day long I’ve been debating back and forth whether or not I wanted to cross train. Now, I can’t. I think If I make a sudden movement I’ll throw up. This is horrible.. I guess it’s good in a way – Good that my body has made positive changes and doesn’t love the junk as much anymore.. but it’s bad because I feel like ass. blargh.

BTW, My Dad is the bomb. I created a google document to keep track of all the random things we need to pack for our Bahamas trip. He also has g-mail so I shared with him so he could see it (and add if he could figure it out). He called me today to tell me he added some stuff. I’m so proud. This is the same man who has called me multiple times screaming because he couldn’t figure out Microsoft word, and he couldn’t figure out how to add a contact to his e-mail address book. Baby steps, folks, baby steps.

jena dad wedding 1

Last we had a dish that I haven’t made in quite a while- maybe since last summer. It’s kind of a summery (but not really) dish. We ate it at a friends house, and were kind of hooked after that. Plus, it’s so simple Diva could probably do it.. if she had hands, and not dirty little paws.

I don’t know what to call this recipe – if it only consists of three 5 ingredients does that even count as a recipe?

Chicken & Carrots +  Pasta = deliciousness in my belly

4 chicken breast
1 bag frozen carrots (diced)
spaghetti noodles (however much will feed your crew)
olive oil (to cook chicken in)
italian dressing (to pour over dish)

1. chop chicken into bite size pieces, then cook in a frying pan with olive oil
2. Cook carrots
3. cook spaghetti noodles to desired doneness
4. put it all together in a bowl and toss some italian dressing on it

Seriously the easiest meal you could ever imagine. We also like to use broccoli & peas. But last night I was feeling far to lazy to cut up broccoli, and we didn’t have any frozen..and we didn’t have any peas either. Not only is this super duper easy, it tastes yummy hot or cold. We ate it hot for dinner last night and I ate it cold for lunch today.

Target has really cute summery plates right now. I got that little doll for 99 cents yesterday, SCORE!

In running news:

Remember how a while ago I signed up for the Women’s Running Magazine Half-Marathon? I’ve been dreading that race since I clicked “submit.”  Yesterday they released the design of the new medal. Let’s just say I can’t wait to cross that finish line!! Check it out!!!!

WHM medal 2011

Holy crap. Love. Even better is the fact that the little gold palm tree inside the ring are a necklace charm.

If they keep designing medals like this, I’ll keep running the race (even though I hate the brick streets, and running through The Trop).

So. Who wants to run the Women’s Half with me??


10 thoughts on “I’m lazy, that’s why.

  1. What a cool medal! I’d totally run just to have that! That pasta looks good too, not a fan of cooked carrots but sounds like it would be good with grape tomatoes.

    • It probably would be good with grape tomatoes- I don’t like tomatoes so I’ll never know, but it sounds like a good combo. I don’t cook the carrots until they are mush- just until they are slightly done. I like to steam them ,but I was short on time last night and didn’t have the patience/time to wait for frozen carrots to steam.

  2. Dinner looks delish! I will have to try it. I wanna start eating better.. so post what you have for dinner every night and I will know what to fix the following night. 🙂
    I WISH I was motivated enough to train for another half marathon!!! Maybe one day.. pray about it. lol.

  3. Great medal! Normally I am the opposite, if I see a race with a neat logo/medal/t-shirt, I will sign up just because of that. That is how I got myself into this year’s Grandma’s Marathon and the Twin Cities Marathon.

    And I totally have those eat like crap feel like crap days too. The part the sucks is that you really don’t feel like crap while you are eating so you just keep on going (even though you KNOW you will feel like crap later!).

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