Photo bomb’d

I am blessed to be able to run. I am blessed to be able to run. I’m even blessed to live in Florida, but OMG this heat is disgusting.

Let’s just get right to business.

Daily work out

My planned run for today was 5 miles. I just wasn’t feeling the 5 miles today; Today was 4 straight days that I’ve either worked out or ran – which I know really isn’t that much, but my poor knees are angry. I decided that 3 miles was a better option, and I’ll Xtrain   rest tomorrow and then attempt 5 miles on Thursday.

It’s insane that 5 miles seems so far, and scary. I know I can do it, it’s just my mind is messing with me. It’s not really even that  far. One reason I don’t want to run is because in order to go 5 miles I have to run in a part of our area that I don’t particularly like to run in. There are a lot of bugs, and ZERO shade, and people drive like maniacs and have no respect for runners/bikes that have to run in the road because we don’t believe in sidewalks around here.

3mi_7_12My legs felt stiff through the first 3/4 mile, but they finally loosened up and I had a pretty good run. I’m happy with my splits. Ideally I would prefer to be running in the 8’s, but what the heck, low 9’s are good too.

In other news:  The vet gives me anxiety. Can I get a Xanax?

We had to take Diva & Wyatt to the vet on Monday. I hate going to the vet as much as I hate going to the Dr. At least at the Dr’s office you have an idea of how broke you are going to be by the end of your visit (if you have insurance). The vet….it’s unpredictable. You go in for a rabies shot and you come out with blood tests, skin tests, cancer, and who knows what else. .. I guess it is like going to the Doctor .. Ha!

My heart was racing and I was seriously sweaty on our drive to the vet- that is not normal. I’ve never been to this vet before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Chris took Wyatt there when he had some skin funk going on. He treated him with antibiotics and we haven’t seen the funk since.

Thankfully our trip was fairly uneventful. Diva was a good girl, and acted like normal dog. She didn’t bark her head off and she actually listened when we gave her a command. (She has serious selective hearing!). Wyatt was a little shy around the Doctor but he warmed up and was all good. The trip cost less than I was anticipating so that’s always a bonus! They are happy & healthy! Wyatt weights a whopping 61lbs and Diva is tipping the scale at 18! I was really surprised that she only weighs 18lbs. She lost a few lbs since the last time we had her weighed –which is good. She was kind of chunky for such a little dog.

And now. I will photo-bomb you with pictures of my dogs.

Diva 1

Wyatt 1

Diva Mullet

wyatt tater salad

diva 2

End photo-bomb

Get off yo’ couch, life is passing you by!


4 thoughts on “Photo bomb’d

  1. Glad your legs loosened up as you ran! I can’t blame you for not gettin the 5 miles in after the consecutive workouts.. mostly involving running!

    While I am not home anymore.. the vet doesn’t give me anxiety..but it totally gives my dogs anxiety. They are hard to contol together in a public place.. bad I know. So we take them separately. The dog who goes first feels on top of the world for gettin a car ride.. until we pull up to the vet. Then they get upset!! I can’t blame our golden.. he spent 3 weeks in an animal hospital after eating a bottle of naproxen when we was a year and a half old.

  2. Ugh, I hate going to the vet! My dogs act like freaks the entire time. They both want to go in opposite directions and Stella talks (the Husky woo-ing) the entire time. Then like you said, the bill is a scary guessing game. Hey honey, guess how much it cost this time? No, more. No… more… A liiiiiitttle more. Yup. 5 billion dollars! Highway robbery!

    • There is no way on earth I could take both dogs to the vet by myself. Chris & I took them together. They are to wild for us to manage alone.

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