Gettin’ it done, LIBK style

Another day, another dollar

I set a goal for July to work out 5-6 days a week. This seems like a big task since I like to take rest days, or maybe it’s that I just don’t like to work out as much as I thought?

Whatever the case maybe, it seemed like quite the stretch for me to accomplish this goal. I’m pretty sure this goal is the only thing that made me work out as much as I did this week. I wanted to sit on the couch most of the week, but I couldn’t let my readers down. I couldn’t come on here and say, “Oh, I was really lazy this week so I didn’t work out.” That would be embarrassing, especially since I would have had no real reason for not working out.


For the purposes of recapping work outs, all weeks will start on Monday. Dailymile starts the weeks on Monday, so that’s how all my running mileage is calculated.

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday: 4mi Run
Wednesday: 2mi Run
Thursday: 3.3 mi run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Bob Harper DVD
Sunday: Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, level 2

Total Mileage: 9 miles
Other workouts: 2

Yah, that running mileage isn’t so stellar, but, I worked out 5 days, so my goal was met for the week!

I can’t have 9 mile weeks for very much longer, and I shouldn’t have 9 mile weeks now, but it is what it is, can’t go back and change it.

Monday: 3mi
Tuesday 5mi
Wednesday 4mi
Thursday: XT
Friday: 4mi
Saturday: (might have friends in town) Possibly XT
Sunday: 3mi

Total (hopefully): 19mi   — We’ll see.

Daily work out

Monday’s work out: 3.1 mi run – I got off work @ 4:30ish, came home, and vegged out on the couch for a while. It’s WAY to hot to run right after work, and I’m avoiding the treadmill like the plague. While I was waiting for it to cool down I made dinner, beef stir fry. It was okay, I didn’t really eat any, but I tried a few pieces of the steak. The steak was well done, ick.. Next time I won’t cook it for so long.

I finally went running about 7:50pm. It felt cool(er) at first, but the longer I ran the hotter I got. I’m just glad …..totally lost my train of thought there…..


I felt like it was a pretty decent run. My legs are pretty sore from the Bob Harper work out, and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, level 2, but I survived. Tomorrow I have a 5miler in my sites, but that seems pretty daunting right now.

Did you get a work out in today?

Go big or Go home…and sit on the couch


7 thoughts on “Gettin’ it done, LIBK style

  1. I did not work out today. 😦 wahh.
    JT, Kamryn & I did go for a walk yesterday though and it was nice.
    We are going to start doing it more often. Maybe I need some goals..

    • Goals are good! Like, walking X amount of days per week. Stacey would probably walk w/ you after work or early evening if JT didn’t want to go.

  2. Gah – I got in a workout today, wasn’t what I hoped for (8+ miles), but I guess that’s what a heat index of 105* will do to a girl! I managed 4 miles + 6 x 400s. Not too shabby.

    • Uh. I wouldn’t have stepped foot outside with a heat index of 105!! That is crazy talk! I think 4 miles is plenty considering the heat. I’ve been going as late as possible (to get back before dark) and it’s been hot but manageable.

  3. I feel like when my legs are sore from a work out..after a 1/2 mile or so they actually feel much better if I get myself into that running groove!!

    My workout yesterday was a 30 minute bike ride (haven’t rode the bike in forever) and then a leg workout.. so I feel your leg pain right now!

    • I don’t know if it was the way I was running or what, but they were just achy and stiff. I felt like my whole body was tight. Like I was running with everything clenched tight, it was weird, and not fun.

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