two cheers for the weekend!

It’s Sunday evening, and the weekend is winding down. I had a fun weekend, and I’m sad to see it go. Saturday started bright and early with a good work out courtesy of Bob Harper.  I’m so glad I got a work out in before I left for my BFFs house, there is no way it would have happened otherwise.

I made it to Clermont around 9ish, and proceeded to have fun filled day of just hanging out!! I got to have the best BBQ ever for lunch! Jack’s BBQ is the best BBQ in the entire world. I love it, and every time I go to Clermont (for more then a few hours) I try to make my way over to Minneola to indulge in a yummy turkey sandwich, and the best baked beans you’ve ever had. OMG, melt in your mouth yummy!


If you are ever in Minneola, you MUST try jacks!

After lunch it was time to pick up Kamryn from Granny and head back to the BFFs house to prepare for the Christmas party in July!


Uhm yes. Christmas tree in July! Decorated with cut out of Florida, flamingos, starfish, and palm trees! yay!!! You can kind of see the garland with pink flamingos attached in the 2nd picture. DSCN8692





Of course no Christmas décor is not complete with out the nativity. There were other decorations, like the wreath on the front door, and the garland that was strewn around the house. Bff doesn’t mess around when she decorates for Christmas.

Friends & family started arriving around 5:30 and before long the party was poppin’ . In true southern style we had a potluck dinner with Bff making a fried turkey & some baked ham. We had SO MUCH food! Green bean casserole, dinner roles, brownies, hashbrown casserole, sweet potato casserole, and tons more food! Next on the agenda was the game White Elephant. I really can’t explain how to play, but we did. I came home with a candle., yay. The gift I gave was an old running trophy, ha! I put it in a wine gift bag, so it looked like there would be a bottle of wine. SURPRISE! it’s a trophy! {winning}

When I got home this afternoon I begged asked Chris to go on an adventure. I wanted to go to a nearby park that has a spring to swim in. I’ve never been there before and I wanted to check it out. We got our swim suits on and headed to the park.


The park was a little to crowded to stay and hang out. The swimming area is small, and there were quite a few people on the small dock that you use to get into the water. We dipped out and decided to head down to Duneiden to Honeymoon Island.

A quick search on my phone found another park that was a little closer than H.M.I and a park we’ve never been to before. We headed towards Tarpon Springs to Fred Howard Park. We had to take a detour because one of the draw bridges was under construction, and we ended up at Sunset Beach. We didn’t stay at Sunset Beach long. It’s hard to describe but it is not like the kind of beach you are probably thinking of. It’s a park, that’s on the gulf, but when the tide is out there is muddy beach, it’s kind of gross…in my opinion.

DSCN8703-1seagulls mine 

We only hung out for about 15 minutes and then made the short drive over to Fred Howard park.

Lighthouse on Anclote Key (view from Fred Howard Park)
Beach area @ Fred Howard Park

I love just riding around and exploring new places we haven’t been. We are so fortunate to live on the coast and have quite a few parks/beaches to check out.

Daily work out

When we got home I promptly planted my butt right on the couch. I wanted to work out, I needed  to work out but I really didn’t want to work out. I think this is becoming a trend here on Life is Beachy Keen. I never want to work out, but some how I manage to force myself to get off the couch and get it done.

What motivated me to work out today? ……… two pieces of dominoes pizza consumed at 12am Sunday morning. Did you know that dominoes delivers at midnight? No? Me either. They sure do deliver in Groveland… We did a little happy dance when we found out we could get pizza at midnight.

I changed into work out clothes and conquered Level 2 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I like level 1, and I still find it challenging, but I’ve done it quite a few times, and it gets boring after so many times. I don’t know that I’ve ever done level 2 so it seemed like a good way to switch up my work out.  I liked level 2. It was definitely challenging and I broke a serious sweat. The workout left me feeling content!

Hope your weekend was as splendiferous as mine!


3 thoughts on “two cheers for the weekend!

  1. So glad I got to spend most of the weekend with you!! It wouldn’t have been a Christmas in July party with out ya!! Next visit.. me & Kam in Hernando Beach!


    You sure got a lot done this weekend.. and love how you completed the Christmas party with a nativity set! Lots of eats – good times, friends.. etc.. sound like a great time to me!!

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