Old & Achy

It is early Saturday morning. My body is so confused. It knows today is THE day where I am supposed to sleep in and lounge around the house in my pajamas for the majority of the day. Instead, I’m up eating breakfast (oatmeal w/ blueberries incase you were wondering).

I have a big day of……. uh. Well, I’m going to Clermont to hang out w/ the BFFer and then tonight we are having a Christmas Party in July for her birthday! Oh yah! It should be fun! I’m bringing my best Christmas sweater, and a cute little Christmas shirt for the festivities.

Daily work out

I didn’t get a work out done on Friday. I was annoyingly stressed & frustrated on Friday, and when I got home working out was the last thing I wanted to do. I know some people like to work out when they are stressed, but when I’m stressed I just want to chill out on the couch or in bed.

This morning I woke up bright and early to get Chris’ lunch ready, and instead of going back to bed I changed into some running shorts/sports bra and turned on a Bob Harper work out DVD. I did a weights work out for 20 minutes w/ Bob. I have a predicament: I have 5lb weights & 8lb weights. 5lb feels to easy, and 8lb feels to hard, unfortunately there is no weight in between, is there? I haven’t seen one. Well, 5lbs feels easy on some of the moves, and hard on other. I guess I should stick w/ the 5lbs for a while until I build up my strength. I’ve learned that my upper body strength decreases SUPER QUICK if I don’t work on it regularly. bummer.

The other thing I learned this morning: my knees are that of a 80 year old woman. Lunges were not my friend this morning, at all. They were all squeaky & achy feeling. It sucked.

I know I should started a daily regimen of glucosamine chondrotin but that freakin’ pill is GIGANTIC.. gigantic I said. ick But, I’ve heard from quite a few people that it helped with their knees.  Do you take glucosamine? Have you seen/felt a difference??

In other more exciting news: I  stole inherited a Vitamix on Thursday night. After dinner I was attempting to make a smoothie in our lame-o blender. The bananas were frozen and the blender wasn’t blending. It was just making noise. My Dad says, “ I have a blender downstairs, that thing was like $400”


me: “excuuuuuse me, come again?”

:::runs towards the door, slings it open, slams it shut and runs down the stairs to kidnap the vitamix:::

omgeeezy. That baby blends like a dream.


What should she be named?

Have a great weekend! I’m off to get ready to go!!

6 thoughts on “Old & Achy

  1. SO JEALOUS YOU INHERITED a VITA MIX! It is something that I would tootally never consider buying myself… but inheriting it would be amazing! You are going to have so much fun with it!

    I have 6 lb dumb bells.. and they have 7.5s at my gym. I got the 6lb ones at Sports Authority.. although sometimes I feel like they are marked wrong because they seem very heavy…and feel like more then 1 lb more then 5!

    Have fun at your Christmas in July party.. I was actually pondering a Christmas in July Post.

    And love the layout!

  2. When I was having sore knees I took glucosamine for several months, but now I’ve slacked on it because they’re feeling better. I should prob keep it up, but they are giant and fairly expensive. 😦

    Yay for the new vitamix! Enjoy your wknd.

  3. Funny. I stole my Vitamix from my dad too. We’ve had one since I was a kid, and those suckers are ah-maxing. I use mine Every. Single. Day. Go buy some peanuts and blend away. Easiest PB ever. And if course it could probably blend rocks. Have fun at the party.

  4. Love the new header! I haven’t taken Glucosamine Chondritin but Emma (my youngest Husky) does because she has Hip Displaysia. Works pretty well for her! The only thing- you have to stick with it. For Emma (and I’m pretty sure for humans taking it too) the first several weeks was a ‘build-up’ phase where she took a slightly higher dosage. Then the ‘maintenance’ phase she’s at a normal daily dosage. She can’t miss one day or it’s not as effective. Dave (my runner coworker) was saying it was the same for him.

  5. Yep! I’ve been taking glucosamine chondroitin every day since March and haven’t had to ice my knees once. No problems whatsoever and they were the one thing that used to kill me after every single run. I used to take 2 a day for the first two months, but now I just take 1.

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