Oh no I didn’t

I love short weeks, don’t you?

Hopefully you are fully recovered from your long weekend (if you had one). I crashed hard Monday night. I don’t think I woke up once during the night, and that’s rare these days.

I am a horrible baker, or I used to be a horrible baker. I don’t know if one successful cheesecake can turn me from horrible to not-horrible? A few weeks ago I saw this Blueberry Cheesecake Tart on Cate’s World Kitchen and I knew I had to at least attempt to make it. Blueberries & Cheesecake are two of my favorite things! I decided it would be a great dessert on Sunday night when our friends arrived. This cheesecake tart was seriously so simple to make, I couldn’t believe it. I’m pretty intimidated by baking, but this was a cinch.

The only thing I wasn’t sure about the zesting a lemon. I have a zester(never used it before) so I ended up with long stringy pieces before I figured out how to make smaller pieces. Oh well, it was still so freakin’ delicious. I was seriously impressed with myself that it actually turned out!


pie success

On Monday, the 4th, we just hung around the house. Our friends had to leave around lunch time to drive to their new home in Key West (/dead from jealousy). Chris slept on the couch most of the afternoon and I cleaned out the dreaded dog room. It supposed to be an office, but it turned into a “I don’t know where that goes, so pile it on the desk, or around the dog crates” room. It was pretty horrific, but now it’s clean..except for a box or three in the closet that still need to be unpacked.. baby steps. ——– No running report for Monday. It just didn’t happen.

After me, Chris & Dad  ate a gigantic dinner of BBQ’d chicken, sweet potato, zucchini, & corn on the cob we rolled over to a house my Dad is building to watch fireworks. We sat on the roof and watched fireworks for over an hour. It was seriously so amazing, and if I had a really awesome camera I could show you amazing it was. Instead, I have a crappy point and shoot that failed big time.


There is no firework in this picture, it’s just to show you how high up we were. We were sitting on the roof of the house my Dad is building. It was so amazing! We had a 360 degree view of the area and could see fireworks going off almost all the way around the horizon. Best seat to watch fireworks for sure!



My Pops does not like heights, and we were way the heck up there.

Overall, we had a pretty great long weekend.

Tuesday was back to the work place for me, and back on the work out band wagon. Although, no amount of running or working out will make up for all the blueberry cheesecake tart I ate over the weekend. Sad smile 

Daily work out

After work yesterday Chris & my Dad were in Tampa so I was on my own. I thought I might try out 5 miles, but as I was running I just wasn’t feeling it. I did 4 miles, out & back style.

I felt pretty good during the run. It was hot as blue blazes, but I think I’m starting to adjust, or it wasn’t actually as hot as I though. I wore a pair of old Nikes because I thought it might rain, and I wasn’t sure if they were worn out. When I bought new shoes I thought they were worn out because I was having knee pain, but who knows if that just because my knees are cranky, or if my shoes were actually worn out. I had some calf tightness and a little knee pain while I was running so I don’t think I’ll go out in those shoes again, I think they are officially dead.


I’m really happy with this run. I felt like my old self, not as fast as my old self, but I felt good. I enjoyed the run, and wasn’t thinking about how bad it sucked. Maybe it helped that I ran with music? I normally don’t run with music anymore (except longer races) so it was a nice difference to run with music. I totally zoned out and just got it done. I’m also happy that each mile was just a little faster than the one before. yay!


If I ever get arrested that’s the face I’m going to make. That is a perfect jailhouse face. Ha Ha.

Speaking of getting arrested. Who wants to talk about Casey Anthony? JUST KIDDING!!!!! I don’t. I’m over it. It’s done, hallelujah. I don’t even want to talk about the not-guilty verdict. I’m not sure if I even care about the sentencing on Thursday.. just kidding again. Of course I will be tuning in to watch that. C’mon people, this is history. I’ve seen 3 big historic events (so far) in my life time:

1. September 11, 2001

2. Barack Obama, First Black President

3. Casey Anthony, gigantic social media trial

See, big stuff happening in my life time (that I can remember). Anything else we should add to this list??

Happy Hump Day, dudes!


6 thoughts on “Oh no I didn’t

  1. I think the OJ case.. and the chase of the white Bronco can go on that list too 🙂 (Kind of a repeat of a trial.. don’t you think?)

    Great job on the run 🙂 Glad you are feeling like yourself.

    I may have to give that cheese cake a go! It looks great!

  2. That dessert looks so good! I might have to try to make it :). Great run! I’m struggling with the humidity and running, haven’t had a “good run” in a while 😦

  3. At first I was going to say I was booking a flight down to finish off your cheesecake…then I read about the heat you run in. Nevermind, I’ll make my own and you can come play in the snow I found in the mountains today! 😉

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