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Let’s just get right to business, shall we?

Daily work out

Yesterday our morning started slightly earlier than I would prefer, but it’s okay. It was for a good reason. Chris and I decided last night that we would get up early and go for our run. The alarm went off at 6:30 and we finally rolled out of bed around 7am.

I’m really not a morning runner. My bones are creaky, and I’m just tired. It takes me forever to get up and get moving around. But, Chris worked down in Tampa yesterday , and our friends were coming over later in the evening so the morning was the only chance we had.

Chris said he wanted to do 3 miles  Sunday morning. Honestly, I was hoping after we started running he would cut it back to 2 miles. No such luck. Bleh. My knees were stiff and it took me about 3/4mi to get warmed up and into my groove. I still wanted to quit at 2 so I asked him again how many he wanted to go… He stuck with 3. punk. — Thankfully it was a cool morning in our area, so it wasn’t to dreadful. Our miles weren’t fast, but we got them done and that’s what counts.


Obviously we were still waking up in mile 1, and miles 2 & 3 were not to much more successful, speed wise.

weekly work out recap

This was actually a pretty successful week in regards to running. The most successful week I’ve had in months. Hallelujah !!

Monday:         Rest
Tuesday:          3mi  28:59
Wednesday:    4mi  37:58
Thursday:        3mi  31:01
Friday:              2mi  17:41
Saturday:        Rest
Sunday:           3mi  29:36
Total:                15 miles

The fact that I ran 15 miles last week is pretty awesome! I haven’t run 15 miles in one week since April, folks, April. I feel like things are on the up & up. I definitely think it helps that Chris is running with me. It is so much better running with someone than solo. We don’t really even talk when we run, but just the fact that he is there makes it easier. It’s the push out the door that I’ve been needing.

monthly wrap up

Total mileage: 40 miles (highest mileage since March!)
Days worked out: 18
Rest days: 12

(click image to enlarge)


It’s really ironic that Casey Anthony’s freedom could possibly be taken away (for good) on Independence Day. … All she wanted was her freedom, right? oy vey. What a mess.

One last thing before I stop talking: Check out Sam’s view of Independence Day on her blog! She is also discounting her raffle tickets today!! Check it out!

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend.


4 thoughts on “recappity capcapcapcap

  1. Happy 4th to you!!!

    15 miles is awesome.. I had a good week last week and was amazed at how tired my legs felt.. They just werent used to going that far and it wasnt even the higest mileage week Ive had, Ive just been sucky lately. Im glad that Chris is able to run with you. I would love a running partner for the motivation but at the same time I like the time to myself.

    Oh the irony indeed. Im dying to know whats going on.. but dont have cable and my internet keeps cutting out. GRR!!

  2. the casey anthony trial is cuh-razy.

    that’s awesome u and chris run together. so much better having a running buddy! i need to find one of those

    hope all is well in the sunshine state!

  3. Yay for 15 miles! I like running with Mike, he definitely pushes me to work harder, but I also like to run alone. Gives me time to zen out. 🙂

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