Thanks, but no thanks.

The long weekend is upon us. If you have to work. Sorry, that stinks. We are lucky enough to have an extended weekend. Well, Chris is off every Monday so he get Sat-Wed off! Lucky duck!

We don’t have any spectacular plans for the Independence Day Weekend, do you? Chris is going to Tampa tomorrow to help my Dad do some work. Then Sunday they will be back up here working on a house my Dad is building… That leaves me with a lot of free time. Hmmmmm.

Friday night I attempted to make Cait’s blueberry muffins. She posted them several weeks ago and Friday  night was the night to give ‘em a whirl.


They baked.


meh. Some of them didn’t rise, and some of them stuck to the paper. Next time I’m not going to use the paper cup things, and I’m also going to add a little more sugar. They weren’t quite sweet enough for me. Besides that, they were delish!

I LURVE blueberries! They have been on sale at Publix for at least the last 4 weeks. I’ve bought them every weekend even if I don’t need them. I currently have 4 pints in the fridge, and 2 in the freezer. mmmmmmm blueberries!

Daily work out

Friday when I got home from work it was looking pretty cloudy. I was crossing my fingers and toes that it would start raining so I could go out and run in it.

and the skies opened up, and I was a happy runner once again!
My legs were a little tired so I decided to only do 2 miles.
Now, if only I could maintain that pace for more than 2 miles.

While I was out running a lady pulled up next to me and asked if I wanted a ride home…(remember it was pouring when I was out.) I said, “No, I’m running in the rain on purpose.” lol… Thanks though.

Happy Weekend!

2 thoughts on “Thanks, but no thanks.

  1. Ha. Running in the rain is fun – it makes me feel like a hardcore runner!

    You have some seriously nice people down in your area, I don’t think that is something that would ever happen in WI (I’m not sure about CO yet).

  2. Ahhh sorry they didn’t turn out great for you! I used frozen blueberries.. I wonder if that makes a difference because the juices spread more. Justin usually hates what I bake because he says it isn’t sweet enough.. butu didn’t say that about the muffins.

    Maybe some sugar or honey?

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