Actions have consequences.period


YAY! Everybody loves flamingos!

I actually didn’t buy these to put them in our, uh, front rocks? I bought these for my BFFs “Christmas Hawaiian birthday party in July.” They were in a target back in the garage and Chris thought I bought them for our yard. So I came home one day and and they were sitting out by our front palm tree.
I went by the grocery store after work to look for a bottle of wine. I saw this bottle of Keel n Curley Key Lime Key West wine the other day and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Unfortunately it seems the only Publix that carries it is the one I saw it in. That publix is not on my way anywhere so I’ve been scoping out other Publix’s. No luck.

I settled for this cute bottle instead.


If you know me even a little bit you should know the exact reason I bought this wine. I don’t even really like white wine, but the bottle is just so dang cute!

If you watch the Casey Anthony trial, or watch the news, you have probably seen the jackass that was arrested today after court for flicking off the Prosecutor.

Oopsie dumbass. I was on twitter while all of this was going on and there was a broad range of emotion going on. Many people were saying that Judge Perry was a little harsh. Me? I think Perry was spot on. Good for him for punishing this 28 yr old “kid.” I honestly could not stop laughing.
I was watching HLN after work today and Jane Mitchell Velez was saying (or someone on her show) said that the Judge did this kid a favor by teaching him a lesson. By teaching him that there are consequences to our actions. Also showing that the court room is a serious place.
If the guy has watched the trial at all he should now know that JP ain’t playin’ no games in his courtroom.

My generation and the generation under mine are brats. Not all of us, but a lot of us. Seriously. Go to your local sheriffs department page and check out the current arrests for the day. How many of them are under the age of 30? Excuse me while I go check:  9 out of 22, two of the 9 were born in 1996.

I get that kids get arrested for stupid things… but some of the things I saw grand theft, domestic violence, agg assault, petty theft. I saw the same people arrested for the same thing more than once in the same week. I mean really?

If you don’t remember anything else from this post. Remember this:

Daily work out

Today we went for a 3 mile run. Chris said he was dreading the run all day, but he went anyways. What a trooper. I would have settled for 2, but he wanted to do 3. So, we did.

Any run is a successful run, right?

its friday


4 thoughts on “Actions have consequences.period

  1. Totally agree with you! It absolutely baffles me with the things ‘kids’ think they can get away with. I was watching the trial at Granny’s so we all saw it when JP called him to look at the photos.. What cracks me up to.. When can you pay these fines? Immediately.. A few minutes later JP asks him how much money do you have in checking? $130 Savings? $12. Geez louise.. I don’t think banks give loans for ‘stupid acts’. Haha, it was a good laugh today anyways.

    PS, my flamingos look great in your rocks! 🙂

    • I was rolling when the judge made him tell how much money he had.. Pretty sure if I had $12 in savings I would have just said none… I mean really. $12. Come on

  2. Its not quite Friday yet!! But Im pretty excited for it haha

    I totally missed the finger in court. But I agree, even though it sounds funny, it still deserves punishment.

    And finally, Ive been thinking to myself all day that I need to find a day when Im really dreading running and give it my all. I dont know why Ive been thinking that though.

  3. Ooooh trust I me..I see it. daily. You are so right about the bratty… actions/consequence thing. I don’t think that our generation is much to brag about(at all) .. BUT the generation below us … are spoiled brats to the extreme (I’ve seen the worst of it while baby sitting for some well off families right out of college).

    While some kids are brought of with excellent values and understand right and wrong – the kids I teach probably experience the WRONG every day.. so they don’t knowa ny better. Endless cycle. Sad cycle.

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