Success & Failure all in the same day.whew!

I’m really digging my new lay out. If you read in google reader flip over for a sec and check it out. – I’m sure you are thinking, “What? You just changed your lay out, Jena. You change your lay outs way to often.”

Whatever Dudes. I reserve the right to change it as often as I want until I find one that I truly love. I like the other one because it was “lighter” than the one before that- but it was to light and airy. I needed something with a little brighter colors. I really LOVE the header on this one, and the font of the title.

Daily work out

I am, like, the most excited wife on the planet right now!
Chris and I went running tonight.


He ran 3 whole miles. YAY! It was really exciting! He said that he was feeling tired, but I pushed motivated him to the finish! We ran 3miles in 28:59, 9:39 pace!

So, in May I created goals and did pretty well at sticking to them. I kind of continued May’s goals into June and I did okay at them. For July I’m going to create a challenge, and I almost feel like I’m setting myself up for failure by doing this, but I need to get my butt in gear.

1. continue w/ the decrease in coffee. In addition to limiting the number of cups I drink; I need to stop drinking it late at night. I never put two & two together, but I think that might have something to do with my lack of sleep. I know this kind of seems like a DUH sort of thing- but, I never think that caffeine affects me. I just like the way coffee tastes- and I don’t always have sleeping issues, just lately. I’ve been drinking coffee at night for a while.

2. Work out 5-6 days a week. I was doing really well with getting in work outs when I couldn’t run. But, now that I can run the Xtraining has pretty much stopped. When I initially thought of this goal I thought I would try to work out every day in July, but let’s be real, that is probably asking a little much. I would like to work out 6 days a week, with one rest day, but I think even that is pushing it. I don’t mean running 6 days a week. I mean, any work out, whether it’s running or doing a DVD.

I think goal # 2 is a big enough goal in itself. I don’t want to put to much on my plate just yet.

So, about those fails for today. I’ve been really wanting a black bean burger. I love black beans.. I think it’s weird how much I love them. But, I don’t really have a lot of great recipes for them. I have a good black bean soup recipe, but it’s to hot for soup right now. So I thought I would get creative and make my own recipe up.

I’m not sure why I thought this was a good idea. I’m not creative, and I have no idea what ingredients do what.. Alas, my black bean burgers were not a raving success. And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I burnt the heck out of my sweet potato fry things. Like, burnt them so bad the smoke alarm went off. That has NEVER happened before. I’ve never burnt anything so bad the smoke alarm went off. I feel like I’ve been initiated into a club of some sort.

Do you have  a black bean burger recipe that you love?

Help an un-creative, non-recipe creating girl out!!!


Gotta get some sleep, yo!


9 thoughts on “Success & Failure all in the same day.whew!

  1. Haha LOVE how you are realizing that your late night coffee consumption maaaayyy have something to do with trouble sleeping!

    I am loving the new layout and I also love your little Daily Workout thing. (I hope thats new or I feel stupid!)

    And.. I do not know of any black bean recipes off hand. however… it has been something I have been wanting to make too! Let me know what you find!

    • Ha Ha . I know. It’s such a DUH kind of thing, but somehow I’ve managed to completely ignore that it might be contributing to my sleeping problem. The daily work out thing is somewhat new. I’ve used it a few times.

  2. We put black beans in our turkey burgers and really like it that way. I really like the recipes at Cara’s Cravings.

    Love the new layout.

    • mmmmm, I have some turkey in the fridge now that needs to be cooked up. How do you put the beans in? Mash them up them knead them in?

      • That’s exactly what I do. I smash the beans up in a bowl with my potato masher and then mix in the turkey and lots of seasoning.

  3. I have two good uses for black beans! Last night we made yellow rice and threw in some diced up red onion and then added in ~3/4 of a can of black beans (reduced sodium ones). We tossed it in the fridge and will have it tonight with dinner as a ‘cold rice salad.’

    So then we had 1/4 of a can left and I threw it in with my salad for lunch today. Spring Mix greens (1/2bag) with chopped tomato (1 slice), red onion (1tbsp), carrots (5 baby carrots finely chopped), grilled chicken (4oz) and black beans. Then for the dressing I mixed 1tbsp of 3-cheese light ranch and 1tbsp of sweet baby rays sweet n spicy bbq sauce. It was awesome!

  4. So Jena say’s she will begin working out 5-6 days a week? No chance that is happening until Miss Casey Anthony’s fate is decided as you are glued to the TV while lounging on your sofa. And since you are sitting for hours enthralled with sweet mysterious Casey, you might as well love your knee by icing and heating it for 15 minutes each.

  5. Im loving your new layout too! I switched my blog a long time ago meaning to give it a new header but that never happened.. maybe one of these days tho I will..

    Ive never even had a black bean burger.. But they sound delish!!

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