Unproductivity continued

Happy Sunday Friends!

I woke up at 10am! That is making up for getting up at 6am on a Saturday. I can’t remember the last time I actually slept till 10am.

I’m pretty sure I know why I’ve slept better the last two nights. I changed the blanket that was on our bed. I am

We are currently watching a History Channel documentary on Jim Jones. What the what was wrong with that guy?



I am totally weird when it comes to what kind of blanket is on our bed. I have to have a heavy comforter or I can’t sleep.

I know this because for the last month we’ve had a light light quilt and I’ve barely slept. This is not the first time we’ve gone through this routine.

Chris gets really hot at night so we’ve switched the blanket to a lighter quilt, but then I can’t sleep so we’ve switched it back. I try to be accommodating but not sleeping is wearing on me. So for the last two nights I put the guest comforter on our bed.




The weather is nasty so we have no plans for any outdoor activities. I might try to go for a run tonight if the weather cooperates. I obviously don’t mind the rain anymore, but running in 200% humidity isn’t happening.


We went to lunch/dinner at Fresh Harvest in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino down in Tampa. It’s about an hour drive there, and then we stood in line for 1hr 40 minutes.. I know, who does that? Us apparently. We’ve never been before so I guess it was worth it.

I’m quite positive I ate my weight in food, which is okay by me.. But, there will be no run happening. I’m currently planted on the couch in sweatpants (Stretchy waistbands rock!)

HR buffet

please note: I shared that gigantic plate of shrimp, and that top middle picture is actually Chris’ dessert that I shared with him.but everything else I ate. mmmmmm. Oh, besides that porkchop.That wasn’t good.


Tomorrow should be a little more productive in the running department.


Do you have any Sunday night traditions?

Chris & I watch fishing shows. I genuinely enjoy watching fishing shows, and they start at 7pm. It’s a good way to wind down after a long weekend.


Live life, yo!


One thought on “Unproductivity continued

  1. I havent been sleeping good at all lately. Im waking up a million times throughout the night and just cant get comfortable, but nothing has changed. Its driving me nuts! If I knew I would still hear the kids at night then Id take some sort of sleeping pill but I dont want to risk not hearing them wake up.

    Love that white comforter. Id love that on my bed.

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